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Guitar Center kd-a22p

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  • Guitar Center kd-a22p

    Just thought Id share some love...

    guitar center currently has the 22 Roland kick drum with maple shell on special for $299 with purchase of a td-50 set.

    The online purchase web page *does not* require the full kit purchase link! I can verify that at least right now, if you simply click add to cart and checkout, a 22 drum will arrive at your door, no questions asked. Act fast, this could be fixed at any time.

    good luck, happy drumming

  • #2
    Well. Its gone now. Put one in my cart last night and was trying to make sure I had the spare cash. Just went back to cart and it was removed and back to its regular $1500 price.
    It's probably my playing.

    You want me to come in on the 1!??!

    Roland TD20, Tama Iron Cobra, Pearl Hi Hat Stand, Vic Firth Sticks, JBL Eon15 G2.


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      I struggled with whether or not to post this, as I was pretty sure it would kill it in short order, but I wanted people to at least have a shot at it. In retrospect I probably should have posted something a little more vague, and said pm for details. Live n learn.


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        Mine got backordered, then cancelled. Did anybody get one?


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          Thanks for sharing this! I found mine at Sweetwater (KDA-22P) for $499, around the time the KD-220-BC was released. Was going to pick this GC deal up as a backup (only a few $ more for a resonant head + shell > KDA-22), but my order also got cancelled.