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Roland TD4KX vs Yamaha DTX540K

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  • electrodrummer
    Yes (well, "better" is always subjective", but....
    • 3-zone drum and cymbal pads. (so, head rimshot and crosstick on the snare, for example).
    • Silicone pads
    • Sound layering and switching.
    • Sequencer.
    • No proprietary cable snake - easy to changes cables, pads or swap the module out for an upgrade as an when you like.
    • Sounds from Yamaha's acoustic drums - not computer models.
    • etc.
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  • Svermorg
    started a topic Roland TD4KX vs Yamaha DTX540K

    Roland TD4KX vs Yamaha DTX540K


    I'm an amateur drummer.
    I've had a Roland TD4 KX drum for over 6 years and I'm very happy with it.
    Now I have the opportunity to buy a second hand Yamaha DTX 540K.

    I'm wondering if that's a good idea?
    Is the Yamaha DTX 540K better than the Roland TD4 KX?