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Alesis Strike Multipad or Roland SPD-SX

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  • Alesis Strike Multipad or Roland SPD-SX

    Now that the Alesis Strike Multipad has been out for a little while, any drummers here that may have played both? Any compare and contrast you could share? I guess the SPD-SX is "old" now compared to the new Alesis, but still both units are sold for the same price.

    I will like to add one to my kit, especially since I know miss the percussion sounds present on the TD-30 but missing on the TD-50. I also really like the looping capabilities of the Strike Multipad and the programmable lights. Though I think at times if I should "keep it in the same family" and get the Roland.

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated

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    loading kit from Alesis much slower compare to SPD-SX


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      Loading time on strike, is about 4-5 sec per kit, if you are using full 38 sample per kits, layers a + b etc.. Strike on kit switch, the sound stop if loop used, but others then that, it has more feature and sound in strike compare to spd-sx, also it's 2 shots sample velocity with velocity point curve setting, not 1 like spd-sx, there is hihat supports ( not in spd-sx), 4 triggers input,, the sound library 6GB in strike, it's full compare to spd-sx, is very limited, about 400 sound and are not usable for most of them. Also the edge triggering on SPD-SX, is harder compare to strike are smoother to trigs. There is great feature like random, cycle pad on strike, melodic notes on each pad hit.

      Out of the box, I would get Strike for your need, spd-sx is great for live purpose, fast loading time and no sound stop on kit switch.
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        yeah, loading time compare to TM-2 even slower and kit switch kill the deal, i switch kit on my TM-2 [MIDI to spd-30] all the time ... still looking a way to MIDI two TM-2 to spd-30 and use all 8 pads layinger with spd-30


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          The Yamaha DTX multi 12 is also worth considering if you're not already aware of it.
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