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Pearl Mimic Pro - stagnancy?

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    Originally posted by Peter Warren View Post

    Good points. Many drummers are not familiar with how different kits can sound with EQ and compression. The envelope is useful for me to create drier snare sounds. It is unreal that you can essentially gate each mic of each drum. The playability is definitely better for me than using Superior 3 or SSD5 as a plugin.
    I couldn't agree with you more regarding playability vs. MIDI VST's. It has not even occurred to me to use the envelope for drier snare sounds. thanks Peter.


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      Hm, strange direction that this threat has taken...

      My only concern was (and still is) that there are no more additional ‘sound packs’ for this wonderful machine. And nothing to see so far...

      I love my Mimic and love the sound quality. I’m coming from 2Box Drumit 5 - not so bad either...and changed well reflected to the Mimic.

      I know that Mimic received a couple of updates - and I mentioned this in my starting post.

      I see that stick tips need to be recorded and made available before this functionality could be integrated. And I know more than nothing about the development of a very, very stable piece of hard- and software...

      And I also have seen that posts announcing updates take sometime a bad direction with no good end at all....I remember Mr. Boo was the one who suffered while this takes effect...

      My intention was more directed by Pearl / Slate could make more money if they give us more additional sounds. Percussions in my case...
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        Originally posted by rsm View Post
        Hm, strange direction that this

        My only concern was (and still is) that there are no more additional ‘sound packs’ for this wonderful machine. And nothing to see so far...
        It's been stated on mimic facebook Steven Slates and sound team are working on expansions pack, the module is only 14gb full, place of 15 expansion pack if all installed or you can delete.

        There will be no speculation on date release until it's ready to release just to avoid baby crying if a month delay and blame Pearl of the delay, few users here got hard attack with few delay before on firmware, and starting all sort of speculation and no sens comment.
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          Warning... rant ahead...

          Alright, this is taking the same turn as last year, and I'm already getting messages about it. This is why news stopped flowing last year when all the rumors were turned into expectations.

          People take the smallest remark or rumor about progress or possibilities out of context, blow it up, speed it up, and then start posting in anger because they think these things can be done overnight and should have come out yesterday. If this description fits you, then you have absolutely no idea what goes into all this.

          Recording sessions, post editing, back-end and administrative preparation for expansions can take months, if not a year or more. I wouldn't even count the first year of the Mimic's release in that time frame, because it's a new product to the market and they need to see if it's actually successful before considering expansions.

          On top of all that, you have two partnership companies working together, taking additional time for planning, communication, execution, and third-party engineers hired by those companies doing the actual work. That adds up to a LOT of time. I wouldn't expect an expansion to take less than a year, minimum.

          The Mimic is only two years old, has more "real" updates than any other module out there, and has the absolute best support from any company to date. Pearl listens. Slate listens. The engineers listen. No other company is matching this by a mile.

          Have some patience. You haven't even scratched the surface of what the Mimic can do with what you have.

          Thread stays open for now, but we're not going to let this progress into what it was pushed to last year. Impatient angry posting is getting old. I could see validity in a couple of years, but this is very premature.
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            I make this post cautiously, since it's probably better to just say nothing.

            What is happening now is the flip side of where we started. Pearl/Mimic/Slate went from discussing things openly, and talking about what was being worked on, and what users could expect, to complete radio silence. It's clear there are dangers at both ends of the spectrum. People complain when they don't get what was "promised", or that it is taking too long. And, at the other end, we get threads like this one, perceived stagnancy. I'm in the technology field. I write software. I work with hardware engineers. I get what's going on. My personal feeling is that there's is room to exist between those extremes.

            I think I'm being spoiled by my new Tesla. It is a million times more complex than a silly little drum module, with life threatening risks involved with each and every software update...yet, the updates come, over and over again. (It's a terrible comparison, clearly, as then number of people working on each can't be compared, but it does color my expectations of the possibilities.)

            I also think that part of the problem is that we all KNOW how capable the Mimic Pro is...and we're extremely eager to tap into that potential. We all invested in that potential and we don't want to see it go untapped.

            Okay, I think I can go back to just patiently waiting again. Time to go play some drums.

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              Originally posted by kgoroway View Post
              I make this post cautiously, since it's probably better to just say nothing.
              Agreed about saying nothing. Nothing silly about a drum module. A Tesla, well... the word spoiled was your choice. Mine would be silly. sorry. Time to play some drums. What a car has to do with this topic and it's comparison to a musical instrument eludes me.
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                Originally posted by Howstamychi View Post
                What a car has to do with this topic eludes me.
                Originally posted by kgoroway
                yet, the (software) updates come, over and over again
                Does that help?

                Originally posted by Howstamychi View Post
                the word spoiled was your choice
                This attitude that Tesla's are only for the spoiled confuses me. They can currently be had for LESS than the price of a well equipped Toyota Camry, or Honda Accord. (Especially when you factor in the current incentives that are offered by state and federal governments.)

                Maybe you should have taken my advice:

                Originally posted by kgoroway
                it's probably better to just say nothing.
                And, with that, I'm out.
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                  Originally posted by kgoroway View Post
                  Maybe you should have taken my advice: it's probably better to just say nothing.
                  Probably yes I should have although your advice was directed towards yourself, not me. This is a forum, saying something keeps it alive. This particular forum is about drum modules and I don't think they're silly compared to a car or anything else. I consider them valuable musical instruments and as such hold the power of spiritual enlightenment and remain portals to the best good, clean, fun in the world. My Dad would say the beauty in a musical instrument is the potential it holds. This has been a sensitive topic. I agree there are too many rumors and discontent over what is already a superior instrument with a small hardworking staff of developers working in unchartered territory.
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                    As a Tesla owner...(I am still waiting for the function to load my own multilayer samples before investing in a Mimic)... You get impressed by their “evergreen” approach sending out new software updates every third week etc...but this costs money to keep up with...

                    best regards

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                      Personally, I still love my mimic pro. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for expansion and updating to this drum module, but I also think those that have really high expectations that they will be put out quickly, easily, or cheaply are not being fair to the developers.

                      A small development team for a relatively low distribution product leads to delays in creating new firmware and new sample libraries. With as good as the mimic sounds, in my opinion, especially compared to other hardware modules, again in my opinion, it's hard to need more than what we already have.

                      If you are accustomed to an acoustic drum kit in a studio, you are usually lucky to have one kick, one set of TOMS , one set of cymbals with maybe a few specialty cymbals, and possibly a few snare drums if you are really well equipped,t you see the variety of sounds possible and quality attainable with a mimic pro as far beyond what you would ordinarily be able to do, especially in a small or home studio.

                      Pearl and the whole development team have been very accommodating along the way and coming up with new features, bug fixes, and even a few new capabilities like cymbal swells and the ever loved cowbell, so "expecting" anything from them isn't fair.

                      All that said, I can't wait to see what comes next for the Pearl mimic pro. However if it's so happened that how we have it today is how it would exist for the rest of its life, it, to me, is still a great investment, extremely enjoyable, and inspires me to play every time I sit down.
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                        Originally posted by Intruder View Post

                        I just will not be buying the "Mimic Pro" or whatever it will be called.
                        Um, that's what it is actually called now - the Pearl Mimic Pro.

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                          Admittedly I would like some percussion in the Mimic but there is a lot that can be done as far as drumkits with the stock sounds. I think there are more snares than any other module too.