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Blackbox - Compact Sampling Studio

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  • Blackbox - Compact Sampling Studio

    A new compact sampling studio has just been released by 1010music. The latency is very quick, so it's perfect as a sound source for electronic drums. It can be powered by USB battery and has an extra device port for trigger interfaces and other MIDI controllers. There are 16 sample cells that can be used either as a traditional Sampler, Looper/Recorder or Slicer, mapping each slice to a different note. The sequencer window has 16 sequencer cells with 16 x 128 step sequences in each. You can capture MIDI data in real time and toggle the sequences on/off with note numbers. You can set a pre-determined recording length and it will start looping automatically. There's also a mixer section with a mute screen (which is handy for live performance), onboard delay, reverb and compressor, plus heaps of other features.

    Blackbox TriggerIO.png



    Blackbox is a portable sampler and groovebox that lets you record, save/load, apply effects and edit one-shot samples and beat-sliced loops. Create sequences with samples by tapping on pads, playing a virtual keyboard, using external MIDI controllers or by drawing-in notes using a standard Piano Roll editor on a fast touchscreen interface. Sequences can be played back to create song sections and entire compositions. Finish your song by mixing it, adding stereo effects and by saving it as a Preset for fast and easy recall.

    Perform songs live and trigger samples on the fly. Blackbox makes it easy to create and perform music anywhere thanks to its compact and rock-solid hardware design. Just throw it in a backpack and hit the club.

    • Record/edit samples and sequences to create songs via a fast, intuitive touchscreen interface.
    • Expandable microSD memory slot for importing WAVs, hours of audio recording/playback time and saving samples and Presets.
    • Combine loops with different tempos using built-in BPM synchronization and beat-slicing.
    • Play one-shot samples and loops from pads and/or a virtual keyboard.
    • Create and edit sequences using a standard Piano Roll interface.
    • Connect external hardware via USB to expand performance and control capabilities.
    • Make music anywhere thanks to a compact and nearly indestructible design.
    • Includes a sound library of beat packs with loops and one-shots by SoundTrack Loops and Loopmasters.
    • Input/output connectors to easily integrate with other studio and live sound tools: MIDI IO and Clock via USB and TRS, one 1/8 Audio In, three 1/8 Audio Outs plus a 1/8 Headphone/Stereo Output and USB power.
    • Streams long samples from the microSD card with a max sample size of 4 GB, which can be many hours
    • 1 stereo audio input and 3 stereo audio outputs, plus stereo headphones output
    • 4 note polyphony for samples, 2 note for clips and slicers
    • 16 samples, 16 sequences and 16 song sections per preset
    • Supports 1 and 2 channel WAV files with 16, 24 or 32-bit resolution at any sample rate (48kHz preferred)
    • 24-bit ADC and DAC
    • USB MIDI Device In and TRS MIDI In can trigger samples, notes and sequences
    • TRS Clock In and Out, and TRS MIDI Out for synchronizing with additional instruments
    • USB powered can run off a USB power block or wall outlet
    • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5″ x 1.25″ (14 cm x 13 cm x 3 cm)
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    I would love to see this kind of product,but :
    Velocity layering ? Can't see it in the spec or in the manual...
    4 notes polyphony for samples... A joke
    16 samples per preset... another joke

    too bad, It looked promising


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      Yes, you can do velocity layering by creating .wav files with one-shots (from low to high) in them and loading them into the Slicer, then assigning velocity to modulate the Slice selection. This effectively gives you up to 128 samples per PAD
      Last edited by DruidTek; 07-22-19, 04:18 PM.