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how do I mount my mixer?

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  • how do I mount my mixer?


    How are all you guys (in the gender inspecific sense of the word) that do your own mixing/monitoring work mount your mixers? I play vcusts on a gibraltar rack and use the shure PM400 in-ear monitor system. But, since switching to the in-ears, I am unhappy with the FOH band mix that is coming to my ears. I expect some compromise in the low end, but, for whatever reason, the mix appears to vary quite a bit such that I have one or more of one channel or the other. I think custom ear pieces would help this quite a bit and I've just switched to using a sony headset (I know it's geeky when playing live, but who cares?). Better, but I need mix control over FOH in my ears. So, I scored a little mackie 1202 to control my personal monitor mix.

    question: How the hell do I mount the thing on my gibraltar rack? Or, should I? The only thing I can think of is a standard rack sleeve mounted to the mixer, but I sure as hell do not want to be drilling into the bottom of my new mixer. Is a rack a better approach? As usual, any and ALL ideas appreciated? Thanks!!!

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    I use a 1202 as well and I place it on a heavy duty music stand. It's just the right size and has the ability to adjust the angle and height. The clip on light works well to illuminate the mixer in those dark clubs.


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      Nice idea arriguy. Simple too....and, most importantly, affordable! I love it! And you don't have any issues with it bouncing around, or being too top heavy? I'm thinking one might even use a snare stand if one is extra paranoid (like me). Thanks again!


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        No bounce and it's never failed. You have to make sure the tilter tightener is tight though.


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          Excellent! Rock on! Got a brand name on the stand handy for reference? Thanks.


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            do you mean something like this?

            found at MF:


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              paul, do you sell these stands? i actually need a couple for my studio and house.


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                [IMG] ]http://www.gnms.com/accessories/standm48.jpg[/IMG]

                Well I can't make these images show up for some reason, but you can go to this. www.gnms.com/accessories

                It's the M48 stand

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                  SWEET!! Keep em coming!


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                    You just need to slow down on that keyboard Paul. That's a great idea. I was looking for somewhere to put my BBE. Something like this might work.

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                      The music stand is a great idea. I have mine on a cheap snare stand ($25)and it works great. I can also attach it to my rack with a Gibralter clamp.


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                        I sprung for the SKB pop up mixer case years ago. I place it on a 9X13 fibre tom case I use to carry my wires and misc. stuff in. I set it up to my left, just under the TD-8. Works fine for the mixer but it's a little shallow for mounting the BBE.


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                          [QUOTE]Originally posted by mudyax:

                          "I've just switched to using a sony headset"

                          Would you be interested in selling your E1 in-ear phones???
                          If so, how much???
                          My email [email protected]


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                            How do you mount your mixer?

                            I want to bring this old post from 2002 back. I did a search to see how guys are mounting their mixers to their racks, or what they are doing with mixers on stage, and all the posts were at least two years old. Can you all chime in on what you are doing? Thanks!

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                              Velcro tape on a standard module mount will get small mixers on the rack.