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Using a lower end model( AlesisNitro dmx7)with a higher end module(Alesis DM10 Mkii)

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  • Using a lower end model( AlesisNitro dmx7)with a higher end module(Alesis DM10 Mkii)

    Hi everyone, first I apologise if this is in the wrong forum section.
    I am relatively new to edrums, I picked up an Alesis Nitro Mesh kit dmx7 model and I love it for the price point.

    The only thing I am disappointed in is not being able to hook up a 2-3 zone cymbals, and having more drum sounds.

    I have found ways to hook up one 2 zone ride cymbal and I may do that but it would be nice to hook up more.

    I was considering buying a used DM10 Mkii module ($199) and slowly getting more cymbals.
    My only concern is that the places I'd buy the module from do not accept returns.

    Does anyone have experience doing something similar and how did it turn out? I'm just concerned that the pads won't register properly or something.

    My other option is to wait a couple years until I could save up for a good Roland kit for like $2.5k.

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    You want 3 zones, you should be looking at Yamaha, not Roland.
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      I agree with electrodrummer that Yamaha is the way to go if you want multiple 3-zone cymbals. You should be able to easily pick up a used DTX502 module for under $200, and Yamaha PCY135/155 cymbals can also be gotten used relatively inexpensively.