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New Trigger to MIDI product in development - Looking for feedback and testers

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  • New Trigger to MIDI product in development - Looking for feedback and testers

    Hi all. I'm developing a Trigger to MIDI device and I'm looking to give a couple prototypes to some people who can help me test them. I think I have Roland pads well covered, but I need to make sure it's also triggering well on pads from other manufactures. I'm posting a demo of the product below. If you are interested in getting a prototype and helping test it, send me an email or a private message. Also, I welcome any comments, questions or suggestions. Thanks.

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    Looks cool! You're a better drummer than I am.


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      Looks Nice Yeahtuna, as said in earlier posts!

      Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to test this module in the future!

      Best Regards

      Anders /
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        Looks good. I remember testing your DSP trigger back in the day. It seems that the UI has many similarities.

        My question is that because it includes only 4 inputs for pads can you chain several of these and use them without module? For example connect three of them in in different usb ports or usb hub?
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          Hi Espen,

          The answer to your question is yes and no. While you can connect as many of them as you have ports for, crosstalk cancellation between devices gets difficult. For that demo, I routed MIDI from the first unit into the second unit and vice vesa (inside Ableton live). This allows each unit to know what's going on in the other, but it's not ideal and it's too complicated for most users. Assuming that 4 input version is successful, I would then start work on developing a unit with more inputs.


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            Wow, that's seems like a nifty piece of kit. Any loose estimate as to when this would be available for purchase?


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              I would love to see some more ❤
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                Here a link to my website. There's just a promotional video there for now. There will be more information in about two weeks.



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                  Color will remain blue or black?
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                    It'll be available in blue, red, and black.


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                      Iím VERY interested... but definitely need more inputs. Iím currently at 22 including 2 for hihats and 2 for my ride, but could easily add another 4 pads if my module(s) could handle it.

                      For what itís worth, I run R-Drums triggers and ATV cymbals with a couple of Roland PD-8 pads for voicing. Happy to help test if youíre looking for a guinea pig
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                        I'm hoping this little device reads position from my custom snare and transmits that to SD3 better than my TD-25. using the td-25's posi and sounds my snare works great, but for some reason triggering SD3 the posi info doesn't translate as well.

                        I'd generally agree on the ports too, 8 would be sweet and would REALLY give your product a kick in the ass when it comes to extending older roland midrange modules or the other inexpensive also rans in the market. Hell I have an old TD-6v that with this edrummin I may turn into a starter kit for my son triggering AD2. With edrummin providing the snare/ride positional TD9s just became PERFECT.

                        unless the SoC in this device is barely keeping up with 4 ports then more would be better. 6 ... 8 ... more = better
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                          The product undeniably works really well if you are expanding your VST drum kit, but it's incredibly shoehorned if you wanted to use it as a way to expand your module sounds using MIDI in - as the onus is on the module to support more channels in the first place. e.g. You couldn't use it to expand a 2box Drumit 3 module as its limited to 15 drum channels. Although I'm not sure what the limit for new Roland modules are.
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                            Originally posted by Kabonfaiba View Post
                            You couldn't use it to expand a 2box Drumit 3 module as its limited to 15 drum channels. Although I'm not sure what the limit for new Roland modules are.
                            Newer Roland module since td-25 era, have 0 supports for extra triggers, only older support, td30\td-20\10\td12\td8\td6, the one remain is mimic up to 8 extras triggers on midi, 24 per kit.

                            Ps: I believe 2box is 10 channel, 5 input extra are for compatibility triggers.
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                              Yeah, it's a real shame that Roland have decided to ditch the percussion set from their modules. I know it's in favour of sample import, but the fact that you can't have both on a flagship is a bit rubbish.

                              There's one interesting use I could think of for this even with a newer Roland module, but how much it is actuallly worth it would be down to personal preference - rather than running a bunch of splitter cables to add extra pads for a larger setup, you could use this. It doesn't sound like much of a benefit, but the one thing it would do is eliminate the problem you get with splitters where hitting both pads on the same cable only produces one of the sounds. You could make use of splitting the kick drum head and rim sample this way without worrying about losing a sound when played together.

                              An example - you want to add 4 more cymbal/percussion sounds by splitting the kick and 3 of your tom rims. Using this to access the midi numbers would mean that you can safely hit your cymbals along with the kick or other toms (if desired) and you should get the sounds for both. It does mean that your tom rims will still activate for whatever sound is assigned which is either a bonus or a drawback depending on how you play.

                              As I say, it's going to be super specific to the user as to whether or not this niche is even worth it, but thought I'd throw it out there. It's definitely most useful for VSTs or modules like the Mimic or older Roland ones.