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Roland TD-17KV V kick drum pedal ?

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  • Roland TD-17KV V kick drum pedal ?

    Thinking about Roland TD-17KV-V which does not include a kick drum pedal.

    Can I use any pedal or do I need to spend another $250 for the Roland kick drum pedal?

    Is the TD-17KV-V fairly easy to set-up?
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    .. no, you don't have to spend 250 .. i would buy this single pedal
    maybe you can find it cheaper where you live .. but for a single pedal price quality it's a great pedal ..
    if pedals are too loud on e-kit, you can double side tape a piece of foam on beater..
    | Diy Roland/Yamaha e-kit | Sonor/Gretsch a-kit | Zildjian/Sabian/Ufip cymbals


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      Here's another good pedal for the price. Maybe a bit limiting if you are an experienced drummer but for many of us - works great. Also comes in a double pedal version.


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        Thanks for your advice Eric and EssKay. I'm a beginner so those pedals look good. Just wasn't sure if the pedal had to be a Roland.

        *** I bought a used TD-11 couple years ago but got rid of them because my drum instructor advised getting an acoustic set. I rarely used the acoustic because they were just too loud and not as much fun as the TD-11's.