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Newbie, Need Your Expert Advice!

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  • Newbie, Need Your Expert Advice!

    Hey folks! I'm both a newbie in this forum and to drumming in general! Here's my plea:

    (you can skip over the next couple of paragraphs if you like, I tend to ramble...)

    My Background:
    I'm 40 years old, going through my mid-life crisis , and have decided to learn drums (it's cheaper than a Ferrari) . I have been playing guitar since I was a teen (prefer Gibson ES-335), been in several local bands, love playing progressive rock like Yes, Genesis, etc. Also played snare in junior and high school (4 years). I like drummers such as Alan White, Bill Bruford, Rod Morgenstein, Neil Peart...

    My quest:
    No, this is not a temporary urge, just decided to take the plunge after many years of wanting to. I am serious. An acoustic set is out, too much noise for the house and family. An electric kit is in, it's quieter and I would also like to incorporate into my home studio recordings, preferrably as midi data.

    I love the sound of acoustic drums, so I would like a set that both plays like an acoustic set and a drum module that sounds like an acoustic set (real cymbal sounds are a must!). I realize it's NOT an acoustic set, so as close as possible is what I really mean.

    Any recommendations as to a setup (i.e. brands, model #'s)? Best drum module for realistic sounds? What about good midi implementation (for use in Sonar)? (I heard good things about Gigastudio and Purrrfect Drums samples... any thoughts?) Prefer to not initially spend over $2K, but I really want to know what you think is the best stuff out there! 1001 questions, these are a few to start, and will probably be asking many more!

    I really appreciate anyone who can help out! (BTW, I have read through a LOT of the archived stuff here until my eyes were watering! You guys rock!)

    Scott K.
    Scott K.

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    Thanks, c. I will check out ddrum's. No doubt the $2K figure is only the beginning!

    Scott K.
    Scott K.


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      More info on www.ddrums.com

      For home practicing a Yamaha DTXpress is a nice option too. Decent sounds and much cheaper than Vdrums and ddrums. I mention this because I would never start with an expensive kit when you still have to learn playing drums. Okay: you played the snare drum snare in junior and high school, and you do like drummers. But playing drums is different cook. Not to frighten you off, just to warn you for spending lots of money.