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TD-50 mix in and headphone volume

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  • TD-50 mix in and headphone volume

    I just upgraded my TD-20 kit with the TD-50 brain, ride, snare package. Whoo hoo I love it. That ride cymbal sounds like a real ride now. Whole set sound is awesome. I have one gripe/discovery. I have been playing rock and roll drums for about 50 years (literally). My hearing has suffered a bit for my art. On my TD-20 I could ramp up the mix in and kit till it hurt my ears but I kind of liked it loud like that. The TD-50 seems to be just barely loud enough for me when fully cranked. I've actually got used to playing with a little less blast in my ears but I can/do play with mix in and phones maxed.
    Has anyone else noticed a similar difference of TD-50 having less volume ceiling for mix in and phones?
    I do have a headphone amp I have used inthe past to let other people hear my kit when I don't have any speakers setup, so maybe routing into that will give me the boost I prefer. I'll have to experiment.

    P.S Looking forward to moving my PD105 pads to the left and setting them as Timbales or roto toms on a few sets. I'll buy another PD125 and use my old snare along with the new pad as center rack toms. Then I'll also use my old ride as a new crash/splash/china. 6 toms and 4 cymbals. Getting a little closer to my old acoustic Yamaha custom setup with 8 toms and 12 cymbals + two high hats.

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    You can crank up the volume of the Mix-in with 12dB:
    Setup-Option-Mix In-Gain

    see page 44 of the Reference manual


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      FYI, I've found my Mix-In to be pretty disappointing. It has a high noise floor (similar to a cheap analog mixer) and it attenuates (reduces) the incoming signal to make it "0db".. thus forcing me to max out the Mix-In knob. It's still about 6dB quieter than the drums themselves, which is fine for drumming over a song for practice... but it sucks if you hope to use it as a true mix-in for anything else. I abandoned using it, the level is too low and noise floor is too high.


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        FYI, I think the Mix-In anticipates an Amplified stereo Headphone output (such as the output from a cell phone, headphone output of a product). Line Level Outputs do not amplify until it reaches the receiver/amp.
        My TD-25 module seemed loud also, letting me run Line Level or Headphone. TD-50 seems to attenuate the signal more, anticipating an amplified headphone output.

        It's definitely weakening my line level stereo input by 6 to 12 dB, making me raise the level by 6-12dB and the MIX-IN knob all the way.. making the noise floor too loud to use. I have no volume or noise issue when running the same outputs and cables to powered speakers directly. So I've determined it's a MIX-IN volume/noise issue.

        I'm going to try the headphone output into the MIX-IN input to see if it's louder so I don't have to raise the gain as much (thus keeping noise floor lower). I expect it to help, since my cell phone's headphone output is plenty loud running into MIX-IN.