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Play with Unrestrained "free hanging" Cymbals?

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  • Play with Unrestrained "free hanging" Cymbals?

    A little question on cymbal setup.

    I have two Roland cymbals (CY-13R & CY15R used as crash) and an ATV aD-C16 (as ride). I like having my cymbals swing or sway unrestrained with little or no thumb screw. I also like my cymbals to angle toward me (i.e., not sit level/horizontal). However, without tightening them down, gravity takes its toll. I can angle the cymbal holder toward me but that usually leaves the cymbal tight up against the spindle and not hanging freely (I do realize I'm probably asking for too much here).

    As a test I added some weight as a counter balance to the bottom nearside of the CY15 with duct tape (approx. 4oz. - 4"x1"x1/2"). This definitely works more to my liking cymbal swings more freely. However, I'm sure this is not the definitive answer. With the excessive stress of hitting the cymbal, I suspect the tape will not hold; therefore, I'd like a more permanent solution.

    Does anyone else play with "loose" cymbals? If so, do you think it would work if I mounted the counter weight (which is mounted on a small piece of wood) directly to the bottom of the CY15 with small screws (maybe supplemented with duct tape)? Would the screws hold in the plastic? Would they cause conflict with triggering? Etc, etc., etc. . . . .

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    there might be some more 'inventions' like aquarian cymbal spring .. but lighter e-cymbals would swing 'faster' than acoustic cymbals,
    although weighing them down can help ... another idea could be .. mounting your cymbals with Tama csh5 hat stacks
    https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....7L._SY450_.jpg plenty of swing, with thinner felts and cymbal can't drop off ..

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      Thank you Eric. The Aquarian Cymbal Swing looks promising. I will look into this.
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        i forgot about one thing though.. the ^ shaped rotation stopper under the roland cymbals.. but i don't know if they still work ok now,
        if you don't really 'press' the cymbal on to it ..
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