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What replacment rack for Roland TD50KV?

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  • What replacment rack for Roland TD50KV?

    Hey all,

    I recently pieced together a Roland TD-50KV for a really good price and have all pieces except for the rack. I would like a more sturdy rack to mount the equipment to typically offered on the 50KV over the 50K but cannot find this rack for sale (except for over $2000 which is outrageous). Do I need to use a a specific Roland 50K or 50KV rack or is there a better option out there any of you all know about.

    Thanks again!


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    I think any tubular rack would work. Do you have the cymbal and tom mounts? If yes, I would check the diameter the clamps will work with. Not sure of pricing, but Gibraltar makes some great stands and racks...
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      You can get the Td30 racks for like 200 bucks on ebay.


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        here's a brand new Roland mds25 rack for td30/td50
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          This guy would probably be stoked to sell his rack and it looks nice and sturdy. Diabolo pads fit on Roland clamps.