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ATV Adrums Artist or Diamond Electronic Drums??

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  • ATV Adrums Artist or Diamond Electronic Drums??

    Hi everyone!

    I am thinking of getting rid of my more portable set (pintech pads with yamaha cymbals) in favor of acoustic size drums which will be used on a rack when at home and on lightweight flat-based stands when bringing to practice as my "portable" set with only 3 cymbals (2 crashes, ride). I already have a full size Jobeky set with Diamond snare which i have no real issues with but always looking to change things up and got major GAS!!

    If i decide to go this route, i am torn between customizing my look with more realistic sized Diamond electronic drums that will have a 14" snare and floor tom, or going with an ATV Adums Artist set. Price would be similar as i already worked out the numbers and I already have the ATV cymbals so i am set there. I would probably purchase the ATV shell pack from drum-tec. I am just thinking i the 3 cone trigger system will have more accurate dynamic response on the head and rim and no hot spot in the center but i have never tried them before. Also having the backing of a major manufacturer and easier to resell if i ever decide on changing again because of that fact. I am not saying Diamond is bad in anyway or their service isn't great, just something i thought about in the long-term having a kit that is sold at major retailers.

    FYI, i have a 2box Drumit Three and will prob never look to Roland so positional sensing is a non-issue.

    What do you guys think? help!!

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    I have the Atv kit and think the pads are much better than any center cone design.


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      I would ask Dave (from Diamond) what he can do for the price of the ATV kit.

      If you aren't trying to save money I would absolutely sure you make up for it in the aesthetics as it's not hard to beat ATV in that department.

      Maybe consider ATV snare and kick with Diamond toms? (although I'm not sure how useful the crosstick bar is going to be on a 2box - maybe it's easier to split the zones idk)
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        The ATV gear triggers fantastic but as mentioned isn't anything special looks-wise. You could always wait for the Pro series which has larger sizes and a few wrap options.

        Personally, I'm considering rewrapping my ATV Artist series...
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          Thanks for the feedback so far!

          I have a feeling the ATV Pro will be out of my price range, plus it comes in a wood finish by default and i think the wraps are extra??? I don't really want the wood wrap look, at least not or all the drums. I don't mind the snare having that so maybe that will be an option in the future, ATV snare and the rest Diamond drums or something like that.

          I did contact Dave and have gotten a couple different quotes. Overall, for what i would want in the end i think it actually winds up being more for the Diamonds if i get the wrap, lugs and sizes i want. I already have the snare so would just need a tom-tom, floor tom, and bass drum but since i have expensive taste and I wouldn't be selling my Diamond snare it's winds up being more than the ATV shell pack overall. If i am getting it customized, i am getting it customized and not going to cheap out with a more basic look

          Getting an ATV snare and kick would throw off the look of the kit or i would have to get a gloss black diamond drums for the rest of the kit which isn't worth it. You bring up a good point though, the bass drum trigger from what i hear is a more advanced and better feeling system then most too.

          I know this a pretty subjective topic but basically is the trigger system that much better than getting a customized looking kit....
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            I think my next kit will be ATV. No hot-spotting.