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  • Snares

    Another quickie I hope. I use a Roland PD-125 for my snare but I see now you can buy a specific snare drum pad ie the PD-128S. Has any one got one of these and can you tell me how the 128 differs from the 125. Cheers.

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    I can tell you one key difference between the 128S and 128 is that there's no mounting hardware on the 128S. The 128 was typically sold with the TD30KV and the 125 was sold with the lower level kits (TD30K). Roland will have the other differences listed on their site.
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      it depends on which module you use, i have td-30, used both pd-120 and pd-128s as snare, updated firmware on td-30, i didn't see much different between the two, so i sold pd-128s and keep pd-120


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        I am still using my old TD6V so assume then that there would not be any difference.


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          yes, TD6V doesn't support PD-128S, don't waste money.


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            Thanks tivi. I wont go there then.