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Cymbal Compatibility

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  • Cymbal Compatibility

    Hi Guys, simple question I hope, I need a couple of new cymbals for my old TD6V kit, and wondered if the latest series of Roland CY cymbals would still work on this module. Yea just the bow and edge sectors.

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    yes, a cy-13R would then be 2-zone, not 3.. but.. i've also bought a couple of used cy-14's and they still work ok (after 8 yrs)
    one i had sent after asking written confirmation (mail) of 100% working bow, edge and no false triggering..
    but i understand some folks don't like to buy used (warranty etc..)
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      Cheers Eric. I assume then the 12" would be ok too. Yea I would probably buy new. The two cymbals that are wearing out are over 12 years old and do get used every day, so I cant complain can I.