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Double bass questions...

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  • Double bass questions...

    I have a pintech kit and have been playing for about a year or so. I have 2 bass triggers on my kit a yamaha kp-60 and the pintech k-3 ergokick. I have an axis pedal connected to the yamaha and a really cheap tama pedal to the ergokick. When I try double bass it seems like its not working right, like it isnt hitting hard and it doenst get the machine gun effect type of double bass(of course I cant play super speed yet!!). I thought maybe a good pro on here can give me some pointers, i assume since one pedal is great and the other not so great its not balanced enough. But I also thought maybe its some sort of function on the dmpro brain that may be preventing me from going faster. I dont know, any suggestions would be more the welcomed. Thanks Ed

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    Well for the most part it may be the a triggering function on dmpro itself, Im not sure which parameter I need to change in order to accustom faster hits. Im pretty sure its not me for the most part so i assume many other people with same module and problems can help me out.