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Upgrading From Alesis Command Mesh Kit

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  • Upgrading From Alesis Command Mesh Kit

    First of all, just to say that I wish I'd found this place much sooner. It seems that it might have helped me out last year when I bought my first kit. I've seen a lot of people say that a classic rookie mistake is to cheap out on the first kit and I am definitely in that camp. My current kit is an Alesis Command Mesh. Here is what annoys me about it:
    • Hi Hat pedal is difficult to get anything other than full open or fully closed, also difficult to splash. Single zone only.
    • The cymbals are small, 2 zone but the module only supports single zone triggering. No ride bell.
    • The aux input is muddy and distorted
    • I'm running this through a loop pedal at the moment to get better aux input from phone/laptop and preamp it
    • Module sounds are limited and not great (but reasonable for the money)
    But... it's a good beginner kit and I don't totally regret buying it. It has shown me that I do enjoy drumming... a lot. This cost me 650, but if I'd have spent 1500 back then and didn't use it I would be more annoyed.

    Getting to the point, I've done a fair bit of reading here, checking out Youtube (65 drums etc) and reading manuals and the like. So I have much more of an idea of how clueless I was just a couple of weeks ago I've come up with a few options that I would like to get some opinions on, because I am still new to this. By way of background information, I am interested in the DIY aspect of this including A2E conversion, I can see myself getting into this as a project later down the road, as much as the enjoyment of playing.

    Here are the three options I have come up with so far:

    Option 1 - TD-17KVX Kit, HH Stand (1350 with hardware)
    TD17 Module is new, generally great and people seem to like the sounds
    Kit includes VH-10
    Nice large mesh pads, three zone ride
    Immediately sell Alesis kit (400?)
    Cable snake may annoy me later (splitting / positioning etc)
    Not a fan of the Roland rack
    Cymbals a bit small for what I'd like
    My current pads are ok
    Not enough of an upgrade for the money?

    Option 2 - TD-50 Digital Upgrade Pack, Roland Cymbals (VH-10, CY-14C x 2), Hardware for cymbals and module mount (3000 with hardware)
    TD-50 module so top of the range
    Digital Ride is huge
    Nice large and substantial digital snare
    Long term support and upgradabilty
    Get the mix of Roland cymbals I want
    Crazy expensive
    My Alesis tom pads and rack will annoy me and I would then spend another 500 to replace them five minutes after buying all this stuff (though I can sell the whole Alesis kit)
    The cost

    Option 3 - 2box Drumit 3, Roland Cymbals (VH-10, CY-14C x 2, CY-15R), Hardware for cymbals and module mount (1650 with hardware)
    Drumit 3 has individual inputs
    Very configurable, compatible with existing pads
    Community support, DIY-ability (Support of future plans)
    Get the larger Roland cymbals I want
    Upgrade the worst of the Alesis kit first, then address the rest later.
    Not as user friendly
    Will need tweaking, add own samples
    Still more than TD-17KVX
    Hang onto Alesis parts for time being

    I didn't consider the TD50-K and up because it's too much for my budget. Seeing the opinion here on TD-25K+ it also seems to be out of the sweet spot for a lot of things.

    Because of where I am, It's difficult to see or get onto any of this equipment to try. I need to order it from the UK or Germany. I'd appreciate any input on this.

    2box Drumit 3, Pearl Export A2E conversion. Roland Cymbals CY-15R CY-14C VH-10