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VH12 versus ???

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  • VH12 versus ???

    Hi All,

    So a bit of background. I have a Roland td 12 using a VH12 as my hi hat. I run Steven Slate through midi. Im not overwhelmed with the performance of the hi hat. I find it can be sluggish,very noisy and not realistic feeling at all. The vh12s were bought second hand so maybe that's a factor. But i have read that while the vh12 will work with a td12, really the vh11 performs better with my module. So I'm looking for alternatives.

    VH13 I can't justify the expense, for a very similar product which not sure if it works with my module. How about a vh11, have people found a drop off in performance between it and the vh12?

    I have recently converted some L80s using stealth triggers and am very happy with the results. So I would really like to try something like this. Full sized 14 inch real hi hats, the 2 options I see for this are Stealth triggers or Magnatrack triggers. Does anyone have any experience with these for hi hats?

    Ideally I would like a set of real hats with triggers on them, but would settle for a vh11 version of this with just a top real cymbal and a GoEdrum controller. Any experiences with this?


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    I would go with newer vh10. I have vh11 but vh10 is the last generation similar to vh11.
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      Do you have any experience using the Go Edrum controller and using a low volume cymbal with triggers on it for a hi hat. Think it could be a good alternative. Really don't like the feel of rubber hi hats.


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        As far as playability. VH-11 is a lighter feel than the VH-13. I have both and I the VH-11 because it's just 1 pads gives better (Not has heavy moving 2 cy pads with 1 stick). To me they both trigger great. As far as price goes, Chris K has a point. Go check out the VH-10. It's priced right.


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          Just to toss in a vote for the Vh-11 and td-12 combo. I had the td-12 for about a decade and just recently bought the td-20. The VH-11 i've had for over 10 years is still working great. It's good enough to not take you out of the feeling of playing real drums. I only notice the rubber sound if i'm not wearing headphones and the sound system is very low. I had thought about upgrading to a vh-12, but these comments are making me think I should stick with what I have. You would think only having one cymbal instead of two for hi-hats would seem strange, but it has enough rocking motion that it feels right to me. I may check out the VH-10 also - not sure if it would be an upgrade, but I wasn't even aware it existed.


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            I should clarify that I am only using the onboard module sounds, no VSTs through midi - in case that might be contributing to the sluggish-ness. However, my comments on the vh-11 feeling realistic and not being very noisy should still be relevant.


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              Im not sure I would swap a vh12 for an 11 or 10. In my house we have a td20 expanded and a td30 with a vh11 and vh12. My kit is the td30 and I prefer the feel and triggering of my vh12 to the vh11. I have tried them both on both modules as well. Do check out your vh12 as they do tend to break the wires. I last repaired mine about 2 years ago and it works really well.
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                Thanks for all the input guys. Here's a question for you. Could I switch out the top of the VH12 with a real cymbal and use triggers on it? So the bottom would still act as the controller and I'd still have a pair of hi hats rather than just 1 top like the vh11?