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MimicPRO Screen Protection

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  • MimicPRO Screen Protection

    Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Mimic. OK, I decided to remove the cheap screen protector I put on when I first received my module. That one ended up with a bunch of permanent finger prints on it .... weird.... Anyway I picked up a Tempered Glass Screen Protector from eBay. This one fits without any trimming necessary, it is a tiny bit smaller than the screen which makes it really easy to install. The screen response is excellent with it installed. So if anyone is looking for a nice screen protector with lots of protection that fits it is the 153MM X 85MM in this link:
    I installed one of these on my Mimic screen for protection as Jman noted – works great. However, I still have a question on how effective it is.

    I have not had a problem but with a potential direct impact on the “protected” screen, wouldn’t the shock simply be transmitted through the tempered glass to the underlying Mimic screen and potentially crack it. If so, I assume the outer tempered glass would remain intact but the Mimic screen could be cracked. Any ideas on this?