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TD15 setup vs TD12/TD10 setup

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  • TD15 setup vs TD12/TD10 setup

    Hey there!

    I've recently purchased a used vdrum kit that came with a TD12, a TD10, and some older (but still nice) drums, including some PD120s.

    I'm kind of conflicted (and have read different advice) on how to set everything up. I'm wondering about a few things:
    • PD120s vs. PDX8 Ė Is there any difference in sensitivity? I want to use the PD120 for the snare since it's bigger and looks better.
    • PD120s were pretty dirty/dusty. I cleaned them up, but the sensitivity doesn't seem to be there. Would a replacement foam cone help with that?
    • Would you keep the TD12 and TD10 and run them through a VST, or keep the TD15 and run that through a VST? What are the pros/cons?
    • Do the TD12 and TD15 have different levels of sensitivity (or other features)? Does it matter if you're triggering through a VST like Superior Drummer?
    • Some of the older cymbals (CY-8s) seem to have pretty poor sensitivity, even when configured properly in the module. How long do their piezo generally last?
    Whatever setup I end up going with, I'd like to play the drums for recording in my home studio and also live at bars and whatnot.

    Thanks so much!
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    I trigger Superior Drummer 3 with a TD-12 module (I just switched from a TD-11) and Iím in love with how the TD-12 triggers SD3. Very expressive, it triggers much better than the TD-11 and the positional sensing on the snare is so much fun, something you donít have on the TD-15. Of course maybe positional sensing is not that important for you, but just so you know, in SD3 you have center, mid-center and edge samples for the snare, itís really fun to play if you like to experiment with the snare and youíre not a dead-center hitter (positional sensing also makes more sense if you have a big snare. I have a 14 inch snare)

    I triggered Superior drummer 2 with the TD-15 years ago and if I remember well the expressiveness and the triggering were very good. I donít think ití triggers better than the TD-12, maybe the opposite. Iíd keep the TD-12.
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    Roland TD-12 + SD3 + Drum-tec stainless steel Pro snare, ATV 18” ride & some basic Roland pads.