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TD-50KV-RM rack with Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension.

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  • TD-50KV-RM rack with Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension.

    This news surfaced last year in June.

    It uses the same system as the new Mapex Design Lab series.

    Has anyone tried it out already? I know the Randall May Futurelite series for snare and conga stands are super light and solid.
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    Tell me what is the utility of this expensive gear limited edition (Magnetic Air\Stand) and why someone would buy it?

    It's not the exact same system as Mapex. Randal develop different approach for company.
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      Not exactly the same, but basically same mechanics minus the air system I guess... Apart from looking quite bulky and unpractical, I see no advantage in having this kind of suspension on e drums. Even for acoustics I see it as a novelty, not adding anything substantially better over existing mounts (sure, in twenty years we'll see toms hovering tetherlessly in magnetic fields, but will they sound any better for it?), but what gain is there for a piezzo pad? Just bling if you ask me...
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        I saw it on reverb...decent discount, but it looks pretty clunky. Rack material looks like repurposed stadium bleachers. Interesting shell wraps. Pretty limited pad mounting options as far as I can tell. Doesn't look easy to expand either.


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          Well the key idea is to give the pads a bit of "movement" so that they more naturally replicate an acoustic tom mount.
          And from the video link above, it looks like they do just that.
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