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Subwoofer or bigger JBLs???

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  • Subwoofer or bigger JBLs???

    I just need more volume and lower end on my sound.Im playing regularly (fridays and saturdays)in a restaurant and im using two powered JBls eon 10p as drum monitors and they sound good but i cant get a decent bass drum sound, although the sound is very clean.When the rest of the band starts kicking and people start dancing (11pm), the drums arent audible and i start playing by instinct.At max. volume
    Should I get a 15" or 18" subwoofer speaker to complement my 10" JBLs or should i just sell them and get a pair of 15" powered JBLs.
    I see this configuration (two jbls 10" and a sub) just like the PM-3.
    What do you guys think??

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    Hey Jojo,

    I have the 10" eon G2s, the 15" G2s, the Mackies 450s, and the 1500 Mackie Sub. I used the 15" G2s for several months, I think that if you can sell the 10" eons, that you will definitly like the 15" G2s. The 10" are good for vocal monitoring, but not so hot for vdrums. If you have money, and a stout back, the addition of a sub is always good. I have not heard the JBL Eon Subs. The Mackie is very good in my opinion.
    That is for small to medium clubs. I like the mixer section on the JBLs, and the 1/4" inputs. They make for a very versitile setup. If you havn't already done a serch on the topic of JBLs and Mackies on this website you should do it. Theres some good info. here, and theres also a fair amount of crap. I take credit for my share of the crap! I think for the money, and if you like the way the JBLs are set up, stick with the JBLs.
    Good Luck,


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      I agree with Tom. I've used the JBL EON 15" G2s for sometime (2 for stereo) playing in a jazz-fusion group and am very satisfied. If anything, I have to pull the fader back on the kick drum because the bass drum has so much low end.

      Recently, our keyboard player has been plugging into the second channels (stereo for him too) and believe it or not, the G2s are handling both of us. I could definitely see the advantage of adding the subwoofer to our arrangement now, because the bass robs so much low end, but still together sound pretty good. We are playing at a fairly comfortable volume so that people can hear us and carry on a conversation as well. I'm still surprised at the quality of our sound.

      My point is that the 15s are plenty for me, but with the keyboards going through at the same time, I think the subwoofer would improve things nicely.

      hope this helps,



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        Adding a powered sub to the 10's will not work since the sub will overrule the JBL EON 10.

        So going with the 15 inch JBL EON G2 or Mackies (for a more hifi sound) is best for e-drums.


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          I use a powered sub, JBL, 250watt digital for home theater?!?!? 12", with the EON 10". Works GREAT for small/med clubs. The mix goes to the sub, which has an active, tunable crossover, then the "stripped" signal is sent to my USA900 (one channel) to the EONS.

          If you just want to monitor your kick sub freqs, how about a bass shaker attached to your drum throne. (I do this too, and it is a reall kick in the a**, literally!)

          PS: I have one left from my pair if anybody
          is interested??....