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td-11k to td-9sx upgrade?

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  • td-11k to td-9sx upgrade?

    I am considering buying a td-9sx as an upgrade for my td-11k and then taking all the good parts from the td-9 (all the mesh goodies, cy-13, and maybe the rack) and selling the td-9 corpse with my rubber pads, crappy cymbals and pdx-8 afterwards.
    Seems to me this kit is very old though (pic below) should these old pads last a few more years or am I taking a risk? The owner said he can't get the ride bell to trigger, is it possible to fix it DIY? I don't mind opening stuff and soldering a little bit if it's what it takes.
    Also, what module has better sounds, td-9 or td-11? I think about staying with my td-11, with a vex pack it's okayish and I like the USB for superior drummer.
    Anyways, any input on my newest folly would be greatly appreciated.
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    td-11k and vh-11, I need to buy something soon

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    Another option, for the same price I could get a used td-11kv (pic below), same rack, better cymbals, worse pads but much newer kit. Much better deal right?
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    td-11k and vh-11, I need to buy something soon