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  • Which edums

    Hi, I have always recorded live drums to tape, recently ive used a roland spd20 and bass pad for recording with cubase.
    The roland has great sounds and works fine for basic patterns, effects etc, but i want to play/record with a live feel,jazz,blues etc.
    Ive looked at roland v-drums td8 etc, what type of setup do you suggest?
    Can you use brushes?
    Midi or audio recording?
    Do any modules have samplers?
    any other suggestions or pointers.

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    Depends wheter you are wanting a basic 5 piece and acoustic sounds or you want to use loops more effects etc.

    Ddrum 4 or maybe a Roland TD-8. Ddrum 4 for more acoustic stuff would be better maybe or you could hook up a sampler and use say Bob Clearmountain or Drum Doctor samples triggered by the SPD-20.

    Try both to see.

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      Today e-drums (still) don't have the full functionallity for brushes playing. The Roland kits have some decent brush sounds and - yes with plastic brushes - you can do on the PD-120 some wiping, but it's different than with acoustic drums. Some people also consider e-drums as beging a different instrument

      I think the brush playing techniques will be translated for MIDI when recording neither.

      Sometimes samplers have a better sound and you can load your own sounds into them. On the other hand: drummodules have more drum functionality. Try both