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ATV AD5 1 year later

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  • ATV AD5 1 year later

    So a little over a year ago i got my ad5 module and i loved it when i 1st got it ,was blown away by how good the sounds were (came from a roland td 9) had some issues with triggering but got it playing ok,then i got hit with the 2 month demoviction and life got crazy for awhile and my drums went into storage for 6 months,anyway july came and i got them out and set up my kit again but could not get it to trigger right ,ran the wizard and played with settings even tried full manual settings no luck got frustrated and was going to sell it and go back to roland even switched back to my td9 for a few weeks anyway i thought before i sell it i'll give it 1 more try and so i hooked it up again.

    This time i had a crazy idea that i would just run the wizard but when it said to hit hard instead of hitting very hard like i had done in the past i would try hitting a little lighter than i normally play and see what happens and then bam everything worked perfect and i realized what i had been doing wrong all this time and now understood how the wizard worked and realized this module is brilliant now i am getting better triggering than i have ever got with any module including roland and just like that the ad5 is my favorite module ever and i don't think i would want to use anything else. I also got cloning happening and have aux hi hats on 1 of my crashes and my kit is now perfect and i'm so glad i never sold my ad5.

    Bottom line i love this module 11/10
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    Glad you stuck with it! I sold my first aD5, bought a used Mimic, and eventually added a used aDrums kit that already had the aD5 included. That's when I realized how much I missed the module. The Mimic is worth 2X the price but I honestly love the aD5 sounds just as much.
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      Thank your for the sharing, I bought the aD5 just today, and this is quite reconforting to read : )


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        Sounds like someone has a case of aD5itis again. Enjoy!
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          i'd do it like this .. it helps with dynamic 'range' ..
          retry the aD5 trigger setup wizard for snare pad.. but do the 3 light hits with a finger tap (very soft) ..not with a stick..
          do the 3 loud hits with a stick .. this will define a more sensitive setup for better dynamics ..
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