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Roland PD-120 vs PD-128S-BC

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  • Roland PD-120 vs PD-128S-BC

    Hi all - I'm currently using an old PD-120 with a TD-30 and finding the positional sensing is not that accurate and it is prone to hot spotting with some VSTs. I am wondering if it makes sense for me to upgrade to a PD-128S in the hopes that this improves the positional sensing and hot spotting. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/experience with this.

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    you may gain about 10% better positional sensing with pd128. i had a td20 bk kit back in the days and upgraded to a td30 module. the only difference trigger wise between the pd125 and 128 is the trigger plates.
    as for hot spotting, as long as the trigger cone is up to par on your pd120, there probably wont be any difference if you upgraded to the pd128.
    hot spotting will happen when the trigger cone is on center and strike the head on center.

    PS: the positional sensing may be just a bit better that i described because the pd120 has a trigger cross bar and the pd125 and pd128 has a basket that sits on the bearing edge which allows better rim triggering all around the drum.
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