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Which kit to buy?

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  • Which kit to buy?

    You probably get a million of questions like this, so I apologize in advance if I bother anyone overmuch, but here goes:

    Without going into too much boring background detail, I've recently started shopping electronic drum kits, and have settled on either a Roland or Yamaha kit (currently leaning toward the former, hence my question on this site). I am a beginning drummer, and was originally looking at sub-$500 kits, but it seems the more I learn the more I think I "need" to have. At this point, I think a minimum requirement is all-mesh heads, as I'd like to be as close to the feel of an acoustic drum as possible, and the relative lack of ambient noise compared to rubber pads is a plus. I would also prefer something with a real hi-hat stand and a no beater-less kick pedal.

    Like I said, I had been looking at Yamaha kits (the DTX 400/500/700 series) and kind of going back and forth trying to weigh what I really need vs what I want. I then became aware of the Roland TD-1DMX, which in many ways seems to be the perfect starter kit. It looks like a quality all-mesh kit at an attractive price. It doesn't have a real hi-hat stand, but at least the kick drum pedal has a beater (even if the kick drum is a rubber pad, I think).

    For a couple of days, I thought I had made up my mind, but now I'm really starting to vacillate between the TD-1DMK and the TD-17KVX. It might seem silly to compare these two kits, but I wonder if the capabilities of theTD-17KVX are so much better as to be worth the higher up-front price. I don't really want to be the guy that buys the gear that vastly exceeds my needs, and in that sense, the more modest TD-1DMK really seems like a good fit. But neither do I want to buy the cheaper kit now only to end up buying the more expensive one a year from now.

    I guess the question is, how limiting would the cheaper kit be, really? My ultimate goal is to lay down simple tracks to accompany some guitar work, recorded on GarageBand or a similar program. If the TD-1 module lacks this functionality, than it is a no-go right out of the gate, but I believe both modules can be used to record.

    Any advice from those with some experience?

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    it partially depend on how much money you have to burn. imo it is better to buy a kit that exceeds your needs then one that dont reach it. the td17 would be a good kit for the price and can grow into as far as needs are concerned. you can also check out used kits such as the roland td9, td11 or td15 for cheaper prices and are decent kits
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      1. Buy your second kit first.
      2. Don't buy anything without hitting it.
      *** Never buy a module without MIDI IN ***
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        Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
        1. Buy your second kit first.
        2. Don't buy anything without hitting it.
        That goes for wives too!

        1. Marry your 2nd the first time.
        2. Don't marry anyone without hitting (not abusing) it first.

        Funny how that works out.
        "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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          Originally posted by MJB View Post
          I guess the question is, how limiting would the cheaper kit be, really? My ultimate goal is to lay down simple tracks to accompany some guitar work, recorded on GarageBand or a similar program.

          Any advice from those with some experience?
          My dad used to say - a poor man can only afford to buy the best because he can't afford to buy it twice. Every time I've tried to get something that barely meets my needs I've regretted it.

          I don't know much about the lower end Rolands and almost nothing on the Yamahas but what I do know is if you buy a mid range Roland and decide some time later you don't like it and want to sell it, you can get a fair bit of your money back - especially if you sell individual pieces.

          I don't know how you you know what your 2nd kit is supposed to be without having a first kit, but I would say stretch for more than what only meets your needs and without getting crazy.
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            Thanks for the input, everyone. You've kind of told me what I wanted to hear, although it means I will need to pinch a few more pennies before buying. Which is okay anyway, because I need to make some room for a drum kit in the house, lol.


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              Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I would throw some input in since Iím considering kits in roughly the same price point. Iím considering picking up my first v-kit and I want to spend as close to $1,000 or less as possible. Main goal is to jam quietly at home but also have good response and sound. I sold my last set about 10 years ago and have kicked around the idea of another kit for a while now. My potential choices are narrowed down to:

              -Yamaha DTX532K - $999
              3 zone snare and cymbals
              Real high hat stand (2 zone cymbal)
              iOS app to control module
              Amount of stock sounds within module

              ~5 years old (is software outdated?)
              Rubber tom pads

              -Roland TD17KV - $1,199
              All mesh snare and toms
              Recently released
              Kickpad (seems to get better reviews than the Yamaha)
              Brand - by that I mean they make very nice kits with a wide range of pricing

              2 zone snare and cymbals
              Hi-hat not on stand

              Iíve played the Roland on displat at Guitar Center but havenít had a chance to demo the Yamaha. The other thing Iíve found is that I can pickup some used heads to upgrade the toms on the Yamaha for about $300, making the pricing within $100.


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                I've no regrets about purchasing my TD17-KVX.


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                  Originally posted by hokuahi View Post
                  I've no regrets about purchasing my TD17-KVX.
                  It's definitely a nice kit. I feel that with the extra $700 (over the DTX532k) you're getting an extra cymbal, better (arguably) kick pad, and mesh heads. It is roughly a 5 year newer module, but is it better that the DTX502?


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                    If I was looking for a first kit now I too would most certainly consider the Roland TD-17KVX. I haven't played one but reading reviews about it and knowing Roland's quality and reliability it would be serious contender. To save a few bucks, there's always the used route. I started with a TD-15KV - no regrets there either.


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                      eDrumCenter having a Roland promotion, buying Roland TD-17KV, get a free VH-10, $1199. Good deal.


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                          Originally posted by tivi View Post
                          eDrumCenter having a Roland promotion, buying Roland TD-17KV, get a free VH-10, $1199. Good deal.
                          That does sound like a really good deal. I'd look for a "bundled" package which could include a hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, throne, headphones, etc.
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                            Td-17 would be a perfect kit to start out learning drumming on no doubt.


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                              Well, I pulled the trigger on a TD-17kv today. I got the kit, a DW7000PT pedal, and throne for $1,000 OTD. I had went into the local Guitar Center this past weekend and the manager offered me a discount on a new kit since I had a decent amount of time wasted in the store when they were looking for the parts for a demo kit that was up on the wall. It should be in later this week and Iíll likely add a CY13-R three zone ride and possibly upgrade the hi-hat in the future. Thanks for the input from everyone!