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Should i buy a td50

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  • Should i buy a td50

    OK all looks like im about to buy a td50. The reason i have not purchased one so far is in the old days they had drop out issues as speed on ride... I did have my heart set on a mimic but that isnt going to happen here in Australia any time soon so now im back to a 50.. I guess what im asking here is can anyone give me a reasons not to buy now? or reason i really should buy?
    Im a long time Roland player but right now i am just not sure if i am about to make a big mistake.. Thanks all.

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    I have no knowledge to add but will watch with interest. I am also thinking of a module upgrade for live playing. I discounted Roland as I preferred the sound quality of sample philosophy rather than the Roland electronic sound.

    I wasn't initially going to spend the cash on a mimic so looked at 2box, but concerns about reliability, support, ancient hardware architecture made me question whether I was nuts to look to save money so I'm leaning towards a mimic.

    If they were available in the UK I would have bought one already but it's a disaster that it's impossible to buy one, and I don't know if I should worry about what the inability to manage supply chain says about the sustainability of the company.

    The thing that interests me about your question though is that I see the td50 and the mimic as so fundamentally different it strikes me as strange to change from one to the other just because of short term availability. Am I missing something? Having not played a td50 or the mimic are they closer than I'm thinking?


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      Stick with your 30. Import a Mimic if possible.
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        I am afraid no one will be able to help you with that decision.

        You think about the digital upgrade Package and sell your TD30, Snare and Ride?
        the Price for the upgrade if you sell the existing stuff is about how much? 1500 ?

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          What's your buying criteria? I mean you have a TD30, so *why*?
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            no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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              Tough decision. Go with your gut.

              Availability worldwide seems to be an issue for the Mimic. Even here in the U.S. none of the big box resellers, Sweetwater, Musicians Friend, Sam Ash, Kraft etc.., currently have it in stock.
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                I would rather buy three 2box drumit three modules than one Roland td-50.


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                  Originally posted by markfireprime View Post
                  OK all looks like im about to buy a td50. The reason i have not purchased one so far is in the old days they had drop out issues as speed on ride... I did have my heart set on a mimic but that isnt going to happen here in Australia any time soon so now im back to a 50.. I guess what im asking here is can anyone give me a reasons not to buy now? or reason i really should buy?
                  Im a long time Roland player but right now i am just not sure if i am about to make a big mistake.. Thanks all.

                  Just in case you don't know. TD-50 dropped big core things compare to TD-30, include sound variety. Alan create sound VEX pack for vdrum since ages and he is struggling to do new one without big limitation\ desired result, because of the lack of sound variety. I would buy td-17 module added with midi to your td-30 instead or mimic.

                  Forward Steps: TD-50 Improvements Over The TD-30
                  For acoustic drum set instruments, machine gunning seems considerably reduced. It's not perfect and there are still elements of machine gunning here and there, but it's a huge improvement over the TD-30.

                  For acoustic drum set instruments, the TD-50 is considerably more believable than the TD-30.

                  Position Area parameter added. Positional sensing is no longer only an on/off setting. For each pad, how sensing occurs across the head can be adjusted.

                  SD card slot added.

                  Each sequencer pattern provides the sequencer's entire 40,000 capacity and patterns are now stored on SD card.

                  Pitch Sweep and Decay parameters added.

                  Dynamic Enhancer parameter added.

                  Muffling parameter has been expanded with more options.

                  Bass drum Low Level and Low Decay parameters added.

                  Snare drum Overtone parameter added.

                  Snare drum Strainer parameter has many more levels for Loose, Medium, and Tight.

                  Snare Wire Type parameter added.

                  Snare Wire Level parameter added.

                  Hihat Thickness parameter added.

                  Hihat Muffling parameter added.

                  Crash Thickness parameter added.

                  Crash Muffling parameter added.

                  Ride Thickness parameter added.

                  Ride Muffling parameter added.

                  Ride Ping Color and Ping Level parameters added.

                  Transient Envelope for each instrument (Time, Attack, Release, Gain) added.

                  Sub Instrument for dual sound layering (On/Off, Sub Inst, Layer Type, Fade Point, Sub Volume) added.

                  Three Multi-effects per kit instead of the TD-30's one. Limitation: Each pad can have only one Multi-effects processor assigned. Thus, for each pad, you can choose from one of three Multi-effects processors, but you cannot assign a chain of Multi-effects processors.

                  Master Compressor is now dual band.

                  User Sample function added. Limitation: Only two layers per zone.

                  Click Quiet Count function added.

                  Mixer Pad Maximum Volume parameter added. "Maximum volume of each pad. This lets you decrease the volume of the strongest hits while preserving their nuances. You can limit the volume while preserving the nuances of the strongest hits. This is available only for pads that support digital connection and for input from the MIDI In connector." Limitation: This parameter seemed to have great potential for combating hotspots. However, as noted, it only applies to the new digital pads.

                  USB audio multichannel in/out support added. 10 Channels out. 4 Channels in.

                  Slider routing parameter added. Provides separate headphone versus master and direct out mixes.

                  Mic Element Overhead parameter added.

                  Mic Element Room parameter added.

                  Mic Width (spread of overhead mic and room mic) parameter added.

                  Direct Out Attenuation parameter added. Provides preset attenuation settings of the direct outs independent of the main mix, to prevent distortion in direct out receiving devices when the main mix is high.

                  Digital snare support added, featuring significantly reduced hot spots and greater playability when using Roland's new, 14 inch, digital snare pad.

                  Digital ride support added, featuring greater playability when using Roland's new, 18 inch, digital ride pad.

                  XLR balanced line stereo Master Output jacks added.

                  TRS direct outputs all upgraded to balanced line.

                  Backward Steps: TD-30 Features Removed From TD-50 and/or Lacking Enhancement
                  Prismatic sound modeling = euphemism for "same architecture with updates". Although many parameters have been added and removed, none-the-less, the TD-50 features a sound engine and V-Edit system that is very similar to past V-Drum systems. It's particularly disappointing to see that, as in previous Roland flagship modules, the TD-50 is limited by lack of sample layers.

                  USB Type A port removed. The second, USB Type B port for interfacing to a computer remains, but with the Type A port gone, it's no longer possible to connect USB data sticks and USB hard drives.

                  Brush sweeps still only detected on snare drum. No sweeps on toms, cymbals, or any other pads.

                  Brush instruments are very limited: 1 snare and snare rim, 1 rack tom (12 inches), 1 floor tom (14 inches)

                  TD-20, TD-20X, and TD-30 presets cannot be loaded into the TD-50. This is likely due to the changes in instrument library, V-Edit parameters, sequencer, and other parameters and features.

                  Percussion Sets removed, limiting the number of instruments that can be triggered externally through MIDI and removing the ability to expand the number of trigger inputs available through MIDI.

                  Snare Shell Material (Brass, Steel, Wood) removed.

                  Mic Element Size parameter removed.

                  Extremely limited number of acoustic drum sounds: bass drums (7), snare drums (5), tom sets (4), hats (2), rides (2), and cymbals (various crash, stack, and effect cymbals). Ride cymbal selection is particularly disappointing; just one medium complex ride and one ping ride.

                  The TD-50 focuses on fewer sounds that are of higher quality. However, it continues Roland's high ratio of junk sounds. Out of over 400 instruments, around 50 to 100 are drum kit fundamentals, and a large portion of these are crash and effect cymbals. Many of the remaining 300 sounds are specialized and unlikely to be used.

                  Sequencer now only records one pattern internally and that pattern is lost when powering off. Must save patterns to an SD card to retain them.

                  Sequencer recording is considerably dumbed down. No quantizing. No time signatures and bar lines. No overdub. Etc.

                  Sequencer editing is entirely gone. No copying sections. No inserting sections. No deleting sections. No merging sections and patterns. No time signature changes. Etc. The lack of overdubbing and editing in the sequencer is a critical loss for learning and teaching. No more entering and overdubbing parts one limb at a time to examine and build coordinated independence skills.

                  Pad patterns (Pad Pattern) and their assignments are completely gone. For those stepping outside acoustic drums and into the creative possibilities of electronic drums, this is a big loss. In the TD-30 and previous Roland flagship modules, pad patterns allow assigning MIDI data to pads. Thus, you can assign a note or chord, any number of stacked sounds, sequences of notes, sequences of chords, or any stream of MIDI data. Now that pad patterns are gone, a huge amount of flexibility is lost.

                  Head types are still limited to Clear, Coated, and Pinstripe. This isn't a loss, but it's a disappointment. For example, there is no modeling for single layer versus dual layer heads. Similarly, there is no modeling for calf-skin style heads (like Fiberskyn) and vintage style heads.

                  Top and bottom head modeling (dual head modeling) is still missing. Again, not a loss, but most definitely a disappointment.

                  Level sliders for Aux1 through Aux4 have been removed. There is now only a single, global slider for all auxiliary inputs. This is a problem when using auxiliary inputs for disparate instruments, like extra snares, bass drums, hats, rides, etc. You cannot grab a slider to adjust, say, your second bass drum without affecting the other auxiliary instruments.

                  Now that the TD-50 has both volatile and non-volatile memory, the "no need to save; just turn it off when done" simplicity is gone.

                  Still only supports a single three-way ride cymbal. This one utterly astounds me! I had to jury-rig a second, three-way ride cymbal on the TD-30. This hasn't changed with the TD-50. If you want more than one ride, it's still necessary to jury-rig ride cymbal pads and cymbal bells.

                  Still not sonically comparable to modern sample libraries. For example, VST drum libraries Pro blow the TD-50 away.

                  Still has hotspots with analog, center-mounted-piezo pads, which are the majority of pads one will use with the TD-50.

                  Still only supports cross-stick on the snare input (digital or analog). No cross-stick support on any other inputs.

                  Each digital input (snare, ride, etc.) disables its associated analog input, so you don't gain analog inputs when using the digital inputs. Similarly, once an instrument has been assigned digitally (such as a snare or ride), it cannot be assigned to a second digital input. This means you cannot have two digital rides, two digital snares, etc.

                  Roland digital pads are proprietary and can only be used with the TD-50.

                  Roland digital pads are not as user maintainable as previous pads. If the embedded controller and/or other special aspects of the pad fail, these parts are not available from third party suppliers. This is in contrast to the standardized analog pads, which are easy for users to maintain and repair with third party parts.

                  S/P DIF Digital Output Jack removed.
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                    apples and oranges, my thought is keep the td30 and hopefully the mimic becomes available in Australia soon!
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                      OK thank you all. I guess thats that then i wait,hope and pray i can get a mimic soon. And because i know there is no Australia support for mimics i also pray i have zero issues with it as i will have zero warranty. It really was my first choice i was just a little worried about everything that could go wrong if and when i can get my hands on one.
                      @electrodrummer... pure sound quality and hopefully some improvement on play ability. When i got the 30 to replace the 20 i was blown away... guess i just want more now lol.
                      Thank God for V drum forum
                      BTW Alan say mimic and so i believe


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                        So.........Are you selling your 30?.....


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                          Yes I will sell the 30 complete with Alans Nice vex kits as soon as i get a mimic NOt sure on what pads ect i will sell yet most likely kick drum or maybe everything inc gen 16's and all the extra pads depends on how silly i go with the new gear...which of course will bring me to what shell i will play looking at 22 10 12 14 14 14. but yet to find a set up to buy in Oz and building had never worked for me so i will wait and see after i get the mimic.


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                            Just in case someone wanted to see what i am currently doing.. although kick is now a 22"


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                              I am in exactly the same boat as you, Heart set on the TD-50 but not sure it's worth it. From all that I hear, the TD-30 is much better.

                              I'd be very interested in your TD-30 Module provided you have looked after it.

                              Plus, I am in Melbourne. :-)