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Sound module upgrade on TD-1KPX2

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  • Sound module upgrade on TD-1KPX2

    I bought a portable 1KPX2 kit recently (portability requirements), as well as a TD17 module to replace the stock TD1.
    I may be missing something, but I can't find a way to attach the TD17 on the frame that comes with the 1KPX2. The TD17 ships with a plastic piece that doesn't seem to fit into the attachment that was used by the TD1.
    Any idea how to secure the module on this frame ?

    Thank you

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    What is the diameter of the piece of the sound module mount of the TD-17 that fits into the mounting bracket? Will it fit into the mounting bracket of the Sound Module Mount of the TD-1KP?
    If it is smaller, could you pack it with something to make it fit?
    It may be too close to the frame..
    Could you go to a DIY Store and pick up a piece of Aluminum tube the same outer diameter as the TD-1KP Sound Module Mount bar, and with a big enough internal diameter to accept the sound module mount of the TD-17? If the pipe is a little too big, you could cut slots down into the pipe and then use a circular hose clip to squeeze the pipe down on to the sound module mount of the TD-17.


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      I have a TD-4kp which I believe uses the same frame as the TD-1KP. I am also wanting to upgrade the module. I've even considered making my own custom harness to expand the options available for modules. I believe both sets use the same frame and it is a non standard 1" tubing. I am still researching the matter.


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        I have the TD-4KP which uses the same frame. I am also considering making a custom harness so I can use a TD-17 module. The TD-4KP and the TD-1KP use 1" tubing instead of the 1.5" standard. My plan for mounting is to just get a piece of 1.5" round stock and turn one end down in a lathe so it will fit the frame on the TD-4. Essentially this makes an adapter. The hard part was tracking down the mounts to use PDX pads for the toms.


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          I got around the issue by removing the metal bar of the TD1, keeping the remaining rack bracket but packing it with some thick cardboard. Then I inserted the TD17 bracket in there and tightened. Been using that for the last month, and it hasnít moved so far. When folding the rack, I leave the bracket on the rack, just removing the module, and it works well.
          Very DIY, but does the job so far.


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            Just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this...I just ordered a TD-1KPX on clearance for use as a secondary "travel" kit. I would like to upgrade the module from the TD-1. For not too much money I could pick up a used TD-4, which is somewhat appealing because I know it would mount easily, and also it is very small and portable and matches the overall design philosophy of a compact travel kit very well. However, I used to have a TD-17, and I realize that it's a much more advanced module, especially with the ability to add custom sounds (e.g., from VEX, drum-tec, and others). It's fairly light, as well (although nearly twice as heavy as the ultralight TD-4), but I didn't consider that mounting would be difficult. Is there any reason why a standard hinged V-to-V clamp wouldn't work? That's how I mount my other modules and stuff to cymbal stands on my AE kit. The V clamps accommodate multiple diameters, so I don't see why the 1" tubing diameter would be a problem?
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              doesn't give you the ability to adjust the angle but could just use a regular clamp. not ideal but it'd be the smallest space option i can think of.


              i just have my td-6v sitting mounted on a cymbal stand base
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                Yeah, that’s basically what I’m talking about - I have an extra one of these sitting around:

                Wouldn’t allow any adjustability in terms of tilting, but should allow basically any module to be mounted anywhere. There are more or less “universal” module mounts that tilt, but I don’t remember if the TD-17 has the screw mounting holes required, since it comes with that snap-in mount.


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                  MJB how did you go? I had the same plan. How I wish they made a portable kit option with a better sound module like the TD-17!


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                    Originally posted by Professy View Post
                    MJB how did you go? I had the same plan. How I wish they made a portable kit option with a better sound module like the TD-17!
                    Actually, I picked up a TD-17 secondhand and was able to mount it to the TD-1KPX with the DW hinged V to V clamp I mentioned above. It worked fine, but it sort of took away from one of the main selling points of the kit, which is extreme portability. I mean, not that the TD-17 is a huge module, but I would have had to remove it to fold up the kit, and then transport the kit and module separately. Since the TD-1KPX is not my "main" kit and I just bought it to travel with, I sold the Td-17 and am thinking about buying a used TD-4. If this were my primary kit, I definitely would've kept the TD-17 over the TD-4, but like I said, this is primarily for travel and it will spend most of its life packed away (or maybe my kids will play it or something).


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                      I've just picked up a TD-1KPX2 kit with a view to upgrade the module down the track. I bought it primarily to play at home in my tiny apartment because I was tired of having to go hire a rehearsal space whenever I wanted to practice drums. I really don't like the module though, and since I'm planning to mostly leave it set up and be able to pack it down to save space, I think it'll be fine to remove the td-17 each time. I played with the td-17 in the store and can't believe how much better it is. If I start playing the v-drums often outside of my flat I might visit the idea of getting a different frame, but for me, the compactness was the primary selling point.

                      Did you need anything other than the hinged clamp to make it work? The other option I guess is an extra stand, or even sitting it on a stool or something, but that would take up more room and negate the point of having such a little kit.