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Roland Crash Cymbals

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  • Roland Crash Cymbals

    I have started having problems with my Pintech Visulite crash cymbals that I have used for years. Thinking of picking up some Roland crashes but wondered if there was any difference in playability between the CY12C, CY14C (other than size difference). And what about the CY14MG ? Any difference other than the coating ?

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    Dont think so.. I've heard the metallic grey coating can wear off in time. But from the used ones I've seen online they seem fine.

    the roland cymbals to me seem better in person them what's shown in videos. Nice soft rubber coating and not loud at all.

    Feel confident going with any of them.

    I have the 12 and 13r and the digital 18inch. The digital one seems like a hard plastic over the others.