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Restore Original Mimic Kits

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  • Restore Original Mimic Kits

    This may sound weird (don't ask) but is there a way to restore all the original Mimic kits without affecting all other kits?

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    you can't change the factory kits. If you change one, it automatically creates a new version of the kit using the same name with the letter [U] in front of it.

    so if you updated the Masters Kit.. you'd have a new kit at the end of the kit list [U]Masters Kit.
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      So if/when I delete an original kit can it be restored? I don't necessarily want to restore any of the original native kits as I have VEX kits and Chris's presets (MPKITS) which I prefer. Therefore, I suspect I won't ever need the Mimic native kits - just asking/wondering.


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        Good question.......I don't know where to get the "original kits" after deleting them. On the PEARL website you can download all the instrument sounds again after deleting, but the kits I don't know.


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          It involves reinstalling the entire library from scratch. I wouldn't recommend it. It's a LOT of download time and work.

          As mentioned, the original kits are never changed with editing. They are duplicated into [U] "user" versions.
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            The reference tom\cowbell library download contains all default preset.
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