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Pearl bass Tru-Trac Pad vs roland KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter

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  • Pearl bass Tru-Trac Pad vs roland KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter

    Has anyone used both of these?They seem very similar but the pearl one is about $200 cheaper and looks like it has a bigger playing area. Is the roland one way better or just more money for basically the same thing or maybe the pearl one is better than the roland one?
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    a mesh kick hit 18" /20" is actually even more silent than a mesh tom hit ..
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      And even cheaper is a Triggera Bix ....!!!!
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        Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
        And even cheaper is a Triggera Bix ....!!!!
        I just replaced my two Kriggs with two Bix's and a Billy Blast 3 ply and I can't stop playing! Two Bix's and the 3 ply 22" was about $200. If you only needed one Bix it would be about $130.
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