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Alesis Strike module with ATV Cymbals and Roland RT triggers

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  • Alesis Strike module with ATV Cymbals and Roland RT triggers

    As you read from the title I have ATV Cymbals and Roland RT triggers. I'm going to buy Alesis Strike module, but will I have any issues with cymbals and triggers, especially with a hihat? Are they compatible?

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    I asked the same question and did not get an answer. Maybe nobody has tried it? I'm not sure I would take the chance that you can use anything other than the Alesis cymbals. In this drum tec video where they are comparing modules they are using Alesis cymbals .

    I have Yamaha cymbals and would like to upgrade my module without having to change out everything. I've narrowed it down to the ATV or the drumit 3 because you can play them with any pads but I'm leaning towards the drumit 3 because you can import VST sounds.
    Yamaha DTX502 module, mapex piccolo snare, 10" and 12" vintage Tama Superstar toms, 16" no name blue sparkle floor tom (from my first kit in 1979 resurrected from the attic) Triggera Intriggs on snare and two mounted toms, Roland RT-10 on floor tom, two Kriggs, Yamaha RH135, pcy135, and pcy155