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  • Teach me your ways

    Hello all,

    I am very new to electronic percussion and have a question for all interested. I have a Roland TD-8 which is about to be coupled with a Hart Dynamics Professional 6.4 Kit. I am also going to be expanding the kit with a couple more toms and cymbals and also a multipad which I already own. My concern is the amount of inputs available to me is 12. I have considered just buying another TD-8, but I read on the board that I can use other pieces of equipment with more inputs and sync them to my existing TD-8 via MIDI. Can someone please explain to me what these other pieces of equipment are and how exactly I sync them with the TD-8. I have been a percussionist for twenty years, but this will be my first electronic kit. I could no longer withstand the amazing amount of creativity I can have with these drums, hence my problem with not enough inputs. Thanks to all who contribute.

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    Since you're saying you're very new to electronic percussion,I would advise you to wait for a while before getting another brain.Because ,believe me,12 inputs are a lot.Start exploring that,then you'll know what you need.


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      Also I'd suggest two different brains give you more options in sounds. I'd rather take a ddrum4 or dtxtreme if I already had a TD-8.

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        A second brain might be too expensive. I would suggest a Roland PM16 pad to MIDI interface. With this you have more inputs and you simply can assign the sound from the td-8 to them.


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          Originally posted by puttenvr:
          I would suggest a Roland PM16 pad to MIDI interface. With this you have more inputs and you simply can assign the sound from the td-8 to them.
          In addition to the PM16, KAT makes a pad to MIDI iterface called MIDIKiti, and there are a couple of others that are less common. Your multipad (if MIDI) may also be able to play the sounds in your TD-8, in addition to its own sounds.


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            What kind of multipad do you have and how does it feel?
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              Yes, what kind of multipad are you using? I am using a SPD-20 and I'm using it's additional four trigger inputs to add additional pads to my TD-8, as well as it's internal eight pads. You can also try using the "Shack adapter" search.


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                dr. kildrum & puttenvr -

                That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the advice. I managed to find the MIDIKiti, but I cant seem to find anyone on the net with any info or prices for the PM16. Any links????

                Stoovey & Chuck -

                I am using the Hart Dynamics Multipad. I looked at the SPD-20, but that was more than I needed or wanted to pay at the time. Also, I tried the SPD-6 and wasnt very impressed. The rubber was too hard and no seperation. I like the multipad because the feel is softer, although sometimes too soft, and the pads are seperated. This is really convienent when playing in low-lit clubs, because I have my multipad set up to my far left. It is very easy for me to hone in on the pad I want without distracting me from my playing. The KAT's were just to expensive.


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                  The PM-16 is no longer produced, but is commonly found on EBay.