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Recently purchased a Used Roland TD-30KV.

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  • Recently purchased a Used Roland TD-30KV.

    I just purchased a used roland td-30kv. It is currently still making it way to me via UPS. Can anyone give me their advise as to what to do when I get it? I know to factory reset the module, so as to start with a clean slate. Any other recommendations, updates, upgrades, etc?

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    I suggest that you listen to the kits before you reset.
    Pure speculation, but perhaps the previous owner put some effort into tweaking some of the kits.
    You may like what you hear. You could always save the set(s) before a rollback.

    If you're going to reset, while you are waiting for it to arrive,
    you should go to Roland and download the latest update and have it ready to install.



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      Get some VEX packs, they have plenty of them for the td-30, I bought a pack for the td-25 and couldn't be happier with it, and the td-25 sounds are based off of the td-30, so the td-30 should blow away the td-25. Check out the V-Expressions website
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        Why not make a back and make sure that you can get back to whatever is on the module right now?

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          Listen to the sounds FIRST. Then Buy Vex and Drum-Tec kits. If you don't know how to edit kits like a pro. Buy VEX and Drum-Tec kits. You WON'T regret it.


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            Just do a factory reset and go from there. The TD-30 is a good unit.
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