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    Has anybody actually used this product ( 3200 songs for 149 bucks. Most of them supposedly taken from the master recordings of the original band. The free samples sounded good. I'm suspicious by nature and this just sounds to good to be true. Your Thoughts?

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    The tracks are sourced from two well known music games and were aggregated, at one time, on a site called Resource4Drums. I'm assuming that was a former member that scraped the content and has packaged it for sale. The Resource4Drums site is no longer on the web, but I'm sure with a little digging you can find these tracks on the web. If you have more money than time, the purchase prices might be a reasonable solution.

    However, if your going to search the web for them I would suggest looking the ".oog" files as they will all the instrument tracks and can be played back on a DAW (like the share-ware Audacity).
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      I looked at their titles a few months ago. Later, I was searching youtube for 'drumless tracks' & I think he possibly took a lot of it from there -which i believe are 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero' tracks w/o drums.

      I emailed him previously and suggested that he break the songs up into 'group type' for less $. I only wanted the drumless jazz & swing but he quoted me a silly price, so I never bought them.

      If you like many of the groups/songs that they offer, go for it. The samples sound good & it would certainly keep you from getting bored playing the drums.


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        Would you seriously throw real money at a virtual 'company' that doesn't say where it's got the content from, and not even have a legal disclaimer, imprint, postal address etc.?
        Unless proven otherwise, it smells like a scam.
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          you tube has a lot of drumless tracks
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            Yeah ... search drumless tracks on youtube you'll see link for rockband collection
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              "no drums"
              "for drums"
              "for drummers"
              "without drums"

              You'll find just about everything this spammer offers.
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