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Good triggering alternatives to DDRUM 4?

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  • Good triggering alternatives to DDRUM 4?

    Hi fellow drummers, I'm in a freestyle rock/metal band, and we'll be playing our first gig in less than two months. The gig is a yearly bash thrown by a local guy, We'll be sharing the stage with 12 or more other bands, and I want my drums to sound f.u.c.k.i.n.g killer, but the venue's system isn't that great, and they only use two ****ing mikes for the drums(one for the toms, and one for the bassdrum), but the bass drum mike makes the bassdrum sound like crap, and anyway I wanna know if there is/are any good sound module that works great with triggers on drums, I know about DDRUM4, I know they are great, and I also know that someday I'll get that funky pink brain and triggers, but they're a little too expensive for me right now.

    So any suggestions?

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    A used ddrum4. Less expensive...


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      Pink brain?! Dude, it's RED!!
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