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Here goes nothing…I give you our tracks for your consent

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  • Here goes nothing…I give you our tracks for your consent


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    Very impressive!!!!!!

    I want a CD!!!!!



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      Nice stuff. Nice and tight. Not my style but impressive nonetheless.

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      , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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        Are you saying that you recorded the loops in the second two songs using your e-kit, or are you playing along with the loops? Cool grooves, but I was really looking forward to hearing a little more of you.

        The first song is very different from the other two, not only the type of music, but I'd bet a quarter that you recorded that track in a different studio, and it was mixed by a different person (or a different collaboration) than the others. If you are able to upload a hifi version of track one, I'd like to hear it sometime.


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          Sort of difficult to give an honest assessment with a "lo fi" connection, but from what I heard it rocks, man....good job..
          Track 1 (its all I heard) sounds like some really tight rock drumming...

          I kept losing the "hi fi" connection after 18 seconds...

          If you really want to be picky about Track 1, if it was me I would have rearranged the choruses and verses a little different, maybe throw in a little diversion somewhere..tends to get a little predictable, but thats no reflection on your playing, and something that can be easily fixed...

          Overall though I thought it was great....


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              Two playlistits:

              Plyalist 1. 'szvook tune' - has 4 tracks, electronica genre.

              All can be played from Hi-Fi links.

              BTW, I will be looking for drum techs in the future, so please send a complete and thorough dossier outlining the full knowledge of edrums in conjunction with outboard gear, monitors and their empedence matching, PA frequency adjustments to any given situation/venue and there will be a test on all of the above. The substantial reward(s) will be; groupies galore, paraphernalia galore, major city touring, $ and best of all- having me call you a roadie that I live and die by.


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                Me in my sudio. Sorry it is blured. I will get better once.



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                  Great Job!!! The first cut reminds me of something from a group called Benjamin's Gate. The other two cuts would be super on a Pure Moods cd. I loved them, man.

                  Keep at it and yes, send me a cd also!


                  (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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                    Sounds great. What was this recorded on? The first tune has the most "real" sounding vdrum kit I've heard, I think.

                    What did you use vdrums kit-wise? and how was it effected...

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                      Ummm, szvook, the first track is Powder's 'Up Here'. Are you playing with them now? If so, cool! They rock. When did J-bo Dynamite turn over the woodpile to you? How did the LA Music Awards gig go?

                      - Hans
                      - Hans


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                        Song 1 was awesome! Nice drumming too - great energy, excellent feel, real nice beat ideas, and nothing bombastic whatsoever (the only disappointment for me! )

                        I'd love to hear the Hi-fi version, but your new link demands name and password. I tried "szvook" and "demigod" but for some reason it didn't work! Help.
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                          Sounds great szvook.
                          Track 2- very chilled out but full. Makes me introspective. This is the kind of stuff I listen to when I just want to light one up and sit back....hmmmm.
                          Track 5 - I hear hints of the FSOL ISDN album. You also present the same darkness and depth of Amorphous Androgynous-Tales of Ephidrina. Nice!
                          Track 9 - Really "kicks in" and delivers. No sitting back on this one, I gotta get up and move! Nice slow build until 1:53, then I'm floating until 2:21, plateaus until 2:31 when the vocals loop which begins another build and smacks me sober at 3:04, releases me again at 4:14 (but darker than at 1:53...nice), I like the soft build until 5:04, then hits me again and finishes strong.

                          Good stuff man!!!

                          [This message has been edited by drewdrum (edited November 28, 2001).]
                          - andy

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                            Hi Szvook, I really enjoyed your drumming. Solid and convicted with great feel. Track 1 sounds like it could be an Alanis Moresette song. I'm also happy that your kit had such an excellent sound, because I have pretty much the same setup as you. TD8 with a Hart BX kit... I just recently bought the TD 8, I owned a DMPRO but wasn't super happy with it. So I bought the TD, I then discovered VDRUMS.COM. I've read great reviews on the TD 8 and some bashing on the TD stuff. I started to worry that I made the wrong module decision. I think my TD 8 sounds great, your recorded sound confirmed it for me. It's a great place here. Drummers are the coolest. Have a super day and thanks for sharing your music...

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                              Hey Szvook:

                              What were the sound patch names you used for your kits and loops here?

                              Maybe we can start a trend. When posting a link to a song or sample maybe we can provide brief info on the names of patches and any kind of effects used to help others understand how we got that sound. Thanks for uploading that Szvook!

                              (Weapon of Mass Percussion)