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DDRUM2 pad with Roland module

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  • puttenvr
    Try to get a ddrum4. It has perfect cymbal sounds and the ddrum pads will fit to it. Especially for triggering cymbals it's better not to use 'foreign' drum pads.

    And don't expect too much from Roland's cymbal sounds.

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  • maverik
    started a topic DDRUM2 pad with Roland module

    DDRUM2 pad with Roland module

    I am a beginner and I have a DDRUM2 module with the complete set of pad (a gift from a friend).

    The response of the pad is great but the sound of the module is not so good and the cymbals sound are missing.

    My question is: are the DDRUM2 pad compatible with the TD-6 Roland module?
    The Cymbals sound of the TD-6 are good? (I plan to use a triggered plastic cymbal only for the crash and the ride and use a real Hi-Hat).

    Thanks for the help and the great TD-6 review.