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Some new info for Hart users

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  • Some new info for Hart users

    I spoke Peter Hart recently and got some new info for Hart users.

    He added this info to his website recently –


    1. PAD TYPE -Choose 10A for all HDI ACUPADS and 12A for the ACUSNARE. The "A" settings allow position sensing (for position sensing "samples" or actually "models"). You may also choose 10B and 12B respectively, but you will not get position sensing.

    2. For all other triggers (ECYMBALS, HAMMER, HAMMER KICK, MULTIPAD choose PD9. So, choose "A" pad types for position sensing, "B" for non-position sensing, and PD9 for all other HDI trigger products. You must choose a pad type which supports choking for choke capable cymbals. PD9 is a good default. For advanced users, scan time for position sensing should be 2-2.4, non-position sensing 1-1.2 for all drums with heads, and 1.0 for everything else.

    He mentioned that they are working on real player demos with the TD6 and TD8 in conjunction with Hart products, so we might get some new audio/video examples.

    Peter Hart also mentioned that - It takes a little longer for the Roland interface to read the hit on a drum with a head as opposed to a hard substrate.
    The lower the scan time the better. Always. The Roland brains should be able to read the hard hits on a headed drum with as low as 1.0 scan, but 2.0 is assured to capture full
    dynamics. A hard pad (PD9, 7, hammer, ecymbal’s – hi-hat, ride & crashes) can be scanned in as little as .5 milliseconds but 1.0 is assured to capture full dynamics. Also the PD9 pad setting will give the ability to choke the cymbals (the ones that are chokable) and the 10A won’t

    Also, some people (Cliff) noted - " ..even Peter Hart himself admits the Acupads are not as sensitive as the Roland pads”

    Peter told me - " What I said was "Our drums are not quite as "hot" as the Roland
    pads." They are certainly as sensitive.

    And Peter is right; the “hot” issue he is referring to, is the way the Roland pads have a hot spot in the center of the pad(s) which can give a stronger trigger response and throw you off – and we all know what hot spot in Roland pads Hart is referring to. That item has been discussed here to death as well.

    Anyway... some new info, if anyone is interested.


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    Hart's products are great....the best bang for the buck out their...Now all he has to do is figure out a way to make a "quiet" E-Cymbal hi-hat, and I'll be in heaven...


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      Thanks szvook!!!!

      great info.

      Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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        Good man: thanks very much for the updated info. I just got in a large load of 2-ply heads: I'm retiring the last of my single-ply veterans. I'll certainly be taking another look at the triger settings while I'm at it, since I set them up several years ago and haven't screwed with them for a while...


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          Holy Cow that new PRO 6.4 is AWESOME. Now I wished I had waited one more year. Then of course I'll have wished I had waited another year because of next year's hot product. Are you following this.

          I do really wish though that I had purchased the brilliant cymbals instead of the series X pads. I do believe I will be taking care of that situation soon. Anyone thinking of buying a Hart kit, go with the brilliant cymbals.


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            Since I was quoted, I will respond. The hot/sensitive conversation I had with Peter Hart had NOTHING to do with the "hot spot" issue. Hot = sensitive for instance, the "hot spot" is the spot on the drum that is more hot or sensitive than the rest of the drum. Peter's claim that his pad is not as "hot" but just as "sensitive" as Rolands is contradictory.