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uploading midi percussion patterns

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  • uploading midi percussion patterns

    I would like to add percussion patterns to play along with live. Is there any way to load other midi files into a pattern on the TD-10?

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    of course!


    (set up your midi cables)

    go to "pattern" > "func" > "global"

    and decide if you want your TD-10 to be the master "tempo" clock or if you want the external sequencer to be the master.

    lets say you pick your external sequencer to be the master. Set the TD-10's sync mode to "External".

    press record, and then press play on your external sequencer. In a perfect world you TD-10 would then start recording.

    !! pay attention to the channels and note #'s that your sending the TD-10. Because if your note #'s are not matched up no sound will play !!

    also the TD-10 sequencer memory is very small. it will not work for complete songs, it is better for small loops.