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Recording midi vdrums - one mixer channel or two?

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  • Recording midi vdrums - one mixer channel or two?

    I would assume two will give me the stereo effect, but can't I also just use one channel and pan it right in the middle? This way however I have each individual midi note #'s panned in Logic (soft sequerencer), panning it right in the middle will preserve these settings... am I right with my assumption?

    BTW, my setup is as follows:

    1 - SPD20 out AMT8 in
    2 - AMT8 out to TD10 in
    3 - AMT8 serial to Computer
    4 - SBlive out to (either one channel or two on tascam tm-d1000 digital mixer - also used for monitoring click and/or prerecorded tracks while recording)



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    Hey, Man

    I'm not sure what you mean, but I think that recording MIDI will record the performance and then, should you eventually record to wave (through the TD-x), the settings there will detirmine how each individual drum is panned.

    So for midi, you record each drum to a separate channel (I'm not sure how this works in Logic, I don't use it)and when you move to wave, you can either do the same thing (record each drum to a seprate channel), which would be harder, but give you greater mixing capabilities.
    Or, you could mix all the drums down to one stereo channel.

    Did I answer your question?



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      Y0h dude! Thanks for the reply.

      I found the answer to my question.. I need a stereo Y cable so we can monitor in stereo... :P

      What you described for the midi recording is exactly what I want to do, with separate channels (in Logic) for each drum/cymbal/percussion instrument. I hope to do this within the next month or so