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Getting things done!

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  • Getting things done!

    Anybody have this problem? I sit down to tweek some sounds or work on some ideas and I start playing the V's ----- the next thing I know 1 hour has passed and I haven't gotten anything done!

    This seems to be a problem of mine. I'll start to jam to the sequencer and I end up accomplishing nothing!!

    How do you guys and girls organize your practice time, sound tweeking time and fun time on the V's?

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    Heh... I know I need to tweak, but I keep putting it off just for that reason!

    I ain't proud...


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      I have to follow in the famous words of the great Jesse "The Body" Ventura ...

      "I ain't got time to tweak"


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        Hi mfmia,

        I have discovered a couple of things which have helped with the practice problem you described:

        1) I removed the pattern sequencer from the module. It's pretty easy to do.

        Open up the module by removing the 26 nonreplaceable insta-strip screws according to manual, page 267.

        The pattern-sequencer module is just to the right of the COSM xenon-phased quantum foam inverter assembly (part 28 D and E, page 244).

        The module looks like a tiny music box action - you know, a rotating cylinder with hundreds of tiny prongs, except that it's made out of muon-quenched vanadium succinate instead of steel, and the prongs are on the inside.

        Unclip the two stays and it pops right out. Be sure to ground off any static electricity before you do this , though.

        It's cool to look in the open end with a magnifying glass - there are the teeny keyboards, guitars, and percussion groups, ready to go to town.

        Once the pattern-sequencer is removed, you can't waste time playing along to it, and you can get right to work.

        2) I found that my health insurance plan (Wausau) paid 80% of usual and customary charges associated with elective surgery, so I opted for having my corpus callosum (the series of brain fibers which connect the right and left hemispheres) laser-severed.

        Instant complete two-way independence, so I'm halfway to complete four-way, and it was an outpatient procedure!

        My copay was less then the TDW-1 upgrade, and I was playing effortless triplet eighths on the high-hat the same day as the surgery.

        Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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          Now why hadn't I thought of that?????


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              Hi Feef

              Woof Woof
              Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,


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                  It takes a lot of dicipline to practice without messing with stuff. Stay focused on the goal and/or new song, etc. You will find in time that a good 15 minute solo is usually all the practice you need...If you play regularly with a group of individuals.



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                    Hey feef...where have you been lately? This site has been a little boring since talk of grailing and shacking died off. Still working on that manual?

                    BTW...I compiled the instrument sets for both the TD-10 and the TDW-1 by instument in Excel format if you want those for the "manual" (which one has to flip between two manuals to find them all not to mention out of numerical sequence). Digitsone posted them on his website so they can be easily downloaded...they are on the General category under "How Bored Am I?" if you're interested.



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                      Sorry same problem here. I told my wife I needed more time to practice because part of the time was needed for "tweaking". She didn't buy it, needless to say.


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                        Originally posted by luvtheartz:

                        .... This site has been a little boring since talk of grailing and shacking died off.

                        So, talk of grailing and shacking makes things LESS boring?

                        This is obviously a definition of boring of which I was not previously aware.

                        Architects! Go figure.

                        Howard Roark

                        Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance