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Brushes w/mesh heads

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  • Brushes w/mesh heads

    I just read an older post about using brushes on mesh heads. They didn't go into detail about it. All that was said was that you aren't supposed to use wire brushes on mesh heads. What kind of brushes to use? Plastic? Or those dredlock kind that Vic Firth makes with the loops at the end of each bristle? I dont have e-drums yet but I'm planning on ordering the Hart Giga Pro kit w/ the TD-10, very soon. Anyone have this set up who uses brushes please let me know. Thanx

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    Anything but metal is what I was told, presumably so it doesn't damage and/or poke through the mesh.

    A medium weight plastic brush is O.K., although the brush effect is rather weak. It takes some adjusting to one of the "brush" kits and to your playing to approximate a decent brush on snare sound, but simulating brushes on the other drums/cymbals is just not very viable. You can set up a kit to sound "brush-like" but that's about it.


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      I've used those plastic brushes before on accoustic drums and they sucked. It will take a lot of getting used to, I guess. I'm getting the Hart Giga Pro. It can either have mesh or mylar heads. I was thinking of maybe getting a mylar head for the snare. That way I could use "real" brushes. I'm assuming the snare is the only head I have to worry about damaging with brushes is that correct?


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        Presumably, if the metal brushes could damage a mesh head drum, they could damage any mesh head drum.

        Not sure how the brush effect would work on a mylar head snare pad. The effect seems to be based on really high sensitivity settings, and the texture of the mesh heads seems to add to the effect. (Lateral brush strokes trigger tons of tiny mini-hits simulating dragging a brush across a head.)

        It might still work to some degree on the mylar but I'm not sure.


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          Does anyone else have a Giga Pro kit who uses brushes? Any suggestions, problems, hints, tips, ideas, etc.

          Even if you don't have a Giga Pro kit.


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            I finally ordered and since recieved my drum kit. I got some nylon brushes, they work pretty good. Better than the nylon brushes I used a few years ago. Those sucked!


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              Curious about this mesh head/nylon brush issue..To those that have had a degree of luck, I pose these questions:

              1)Are you using a Hart Accusnare or a pd-120?
              2)Are you using a DM Pro with the Hart Giga kit?? If so, what settings/patches are you using for the snare?
              3)Are you really able to get the sustained true "swish" that one gets when using an acoustic snare with coated heads and wire brushes??

              I had long abandoned the attempt to use brushes with e-drums, so I'm wondering if anyone has possibly come up with a new twist..


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                I don't really play with brushes. I just got them to learn. I tried them once and they seamed to work good. I am using the Roland TD-10 and the Hart Accusnare. The TD-10 has specific kits/sounds that are for use with brushes. Apparently you aren't supposed to use wire brushes with mess heads, even thought in the demo video he uses wire brushes. Although, I have the Hart kit, and there is no documentation saying not to use wire. Not that I've seen anyway.


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                  1) PD-120
                  2) TD-10 pre-set brush kit snares with minor tweaking.
                  3) Yes, if you drag the brush in circles, you can sustain the sound indefinitely (it is based on the texture of the head, high sensitivity settings, and the resulting many many micro triggers).

                  The free demo video from Roland give a good idea of the effect you get. It's not bad especially once you adapt your technique a little, but IMO it's not great (as I've said above).


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                    WHAT?! i use metal brushes on my mesh vdrums. and ive never had anybroblem with poking through. just as long as you dont force them directly into them vertically, you're fine!
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