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Bass pad double triggering

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  • Bass pad double triggering

    OK, I know there is a way to cut down, or hopefuly eliminate the double trigger of the mesh head bass pads. Some of the info I've read is kinda confusing, though. Do I loosen the head to decrease bounce? Do I adjust some setting in the module? Or, should I do both? Or, should I do something completely different?

    I have the Hart Giga Pro and Roland TD-10.

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    There is a "retrigger cancel" setting to reduce this effect. I'd have to wait until I get home to look in my manual or module to tell you exactly where to find it, but its in the trigger settings area somewhere. It's explained in the little manual that comes with the KD-120 if that's what you have. Loosening the mesh head might help, but you have to be careful or you can damage the trigger if the head is too loose. I had to adjust the way I hit the kick drum and not mash down on the pedal like I used to with my accoustics. It takes some getting used to and can be difficult if you use both a's and v's.


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        Do I raise the mask time, or lower it? I found it easily, but not sure what to do with it. I can't tell what its doing as I turn it up and down. Is that the only adjustment for this, or is/are there something else I can do?


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          I have a Pintech mesh head kick trigger - which works quite well, BTW.

          Lowering the tension on the head was what made all the difference for me.

          It made the head feel like a real acoustic head, and it resolved the need for mask time, etc adjustments.

          I don't know how this translates for the trigger you have, but I (and others here) found that decreasing the tension on all lugs until they just started to tension, and then giving all of them a quarter or half turn did the trick.

          Good luck !
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              Does anyone know if tuning the heads loose on the Hart pad damages the trigger mech?


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                Originally posted by snared:
                Does anyone know if tuning the heads loose on the Hart pad damages the trigger mech?

                If the heads are tuned to low, over a period of time, the trigger could and will get damaged. How low is too low, I don't know. I would recommend contacting Hart or maybe some here with low-tension settings could help.



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                  Well I adjusted the mask time and retrigger stuff. It helped. I'm too afraid to loosen the head, so I will wait on that. I'll probably contact Hart about it first if I do. Maybe I'll never loosen the head, and just get used to playing with a bouncy bass drum. I don't think I'll be playing much on accoustic drums very much anymore, anyway.