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Mounting PD-80R on snare stand

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  • Mounting PD-80R on snare stand

    I recently purchased a V-Custom set and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival via UPS! However, after reading some of the posts here, I am disappointed to see that Roland's hardware may be somewhat, shall we say, lacking in strength! In fact, some users seem downright disgusted at the movememt of the pads. I guess I won't really know until I actually set them up and play the first couple of gigs with them. My question, however, is this: has anyone tried mounting the PD-80R, used as a snare, on a standard-type snare stand? Does it hold it securely? If so, what brand did you use? Since the money I spent for the V-Customs was already slightly over my budget, I really can't afford the $395 for a PD-120R Pad! Thanks

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    I use a PD-80R on my V-Club set, mounting it on the outrigger bar using a Gibraltor hatched clamp and "L" bracket. That sucker has yet to budge one inch...

    Unless you really beat the s**t out of it with huge drumsticks, it shouldn't move!



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      I doubt wheter you can find a snare stand which will hold an 8" pad.

      I have the 12" ddrum snare pad and it needs a different stand than the one I use with my acoustic kit. I'm kinda tall, so the snare position is kinda high too and since the pad's depth is very less than a normal snare, the stand is not high enough.
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