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Any Ideas where I can mount my drum machine on my V-Session?

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  • Any Ideas where I can mount my drum machine on my V-Session?

    Ok Everybody...I have a small challenge. I have an Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine I use for Drum Sequences to play to with my V-Sessions. I use the Mix In on my TD-10 and It integrates very well...but I sure would like to have a place to mount this little machine somewhere on the rack just like the TD-10 is mounted. My dream mount would be to get ahold of the extention and base that the TD-10 is mounted on and put it on the right side of the rack, but I don't think roland sells just pieces of the rack, or do they????? I guess my question is, can you buy pieces of the rack? If so, where? If not does anyone have any ideas??


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    Buy a second throne



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      Aaron, Gibralter makes a product called Electronic Rack Clamps. Their sold in pairs approx. $40.00. They should clamp right on to the session rack. I got mine from Interstate Music at 1-800-462-2263. They have a web site at www.interstatemusic.com.
      However I don't think that you can view the product there. But you can order a catalog!
      Works for me .... !
      Good luck,


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        If what you are describing is really what you want, Roland will sell you an extra short extension piece and clamp for the rack separately if you contact them directly. You could buy another TD-10 mount, but you can also get a module mount elsewhere (virtually the same) for a fraction of the price. You can superglue the SR-16 to the mounting plate (I wouldn't try to put screws into your SR-16), or for something less permanent, use a big wide piece of adhesive velcro (it will hold it fine, I've tried) and you can remove and re-attach the SR-16 from the plate without any fuss at all.


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          By the way, if you don't already, I highly recommend some midi cables and use your SR-16 for layering sounds on top of your TD-10 sounds when certain pads are struck, or for using the pads to trigger sounds or loops directly, if there are some that you really like.


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            Is this what you're after?

            UM-1 Universal Module Mount w/ mounting h/w.
            Contact Erik


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              YES Everyone....Thank You so much for your suggestions.

              I'm interested in Midi...I haven't gone there but I like the idea of hearing two drum sounds when I strike the pad....very cool idea...I didn't know you could do that.