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  • Choosing the best triggers


    I am new to eDrums and decided to trigger with a used Roland TD12 on a Gretsch Catalina Club 16/8/10/13 // 12x5.
    So I am trying to figure out the best triggers for my money.

    So far, I saw the Roland RT30 which look really good but pricy. Same with the classy shiny chromy Yamaha DT50

    Then with Ddrums, they have lots of different models including this one sold on the French website La Baguetterie but is NOT listed on their website

    And the DDT? is it the same company? do they work well?

    Then there is also 2box, Pintech... a lot to choose from (even if Pintech doesn't seem to be well distributed in Europe / France.

    I guess that with a TD12, I should go for dual triggers all the way (with toms as well) as all the input plug support dual on this module - from what I understood.
    Maybe I would still consider a "pack" and use drumsplitters on my 3-set roto-toms.

    Any thoughts to help me sort it out?

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    Are you putting mesh heads on the kit? If so,I would get internal crossbar triggers.


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      Originally posted by Peter Warren View Post
      internal crossbar triggers.
      You refeter to the DDT kind? They are twice the price so I hope it's a significant improvement compared to RT30 or DT50

      I have a Drum Tec Real Feel on the 12" snare and "design" series for the toms and kick.
      Welcome to drum-tec! We are Europe's e-drum specialist with three showrooms in Germany, online shop and we stock everything e-drummers need!
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        You may have seen already but I was checking out rdrums the other day, they have everything to do what looks like a pretty simple to make bar trigger:

        You'd probably just need some simple tools for cutting and drilling the bars.


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          great stuff. Thx. I'm into DIY a lot, but for some reason I want this project to be "legit" gears because it's all new to me. So I don't have the perspective to see where I can do "as good" on my own. But yes, triggers seem to be VERY basic in their design. And yet, there are so many ways to have issues with soldering/welding on plugs and cables...


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            @moderators: it seems this topic has been moved from The Lounge to be put here in DIY. I don't understand why as it is truly a general question on equipments. As tstaed, even though I do like DIY project, this isn't my goal here. I just want to know what are the best triggers in the community's opinion - not how to build one.

            Or maybe I did something wrong and opent the discussion here, but I'm pretty sure I did not.


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              Thanks for the welcome, Gosalem! In regards to your question in the Foyer, I am currently using 3 triggers on my set (see attached photo).
              1. Roland BT-1 bar trigger (
              2. Roland RT-30K Kick Drum Trigger (
              3. Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller ( Not in this picture but noted where it is now. It really isn't covered up as much as it looks like it would be. This picture was taken more towards the left side of my kit so it doesn't show the complete open area for my foot to slide over.

              I started with just the BT-1 and really liked the way it played. Then got the RT-30K just to supplement the mic'd acoustic kick. I was a little nervous about that because I wanted to keep a true acoustic set but it has turned out really nice. We don't have a professional sound man (just a guy who plays one on TV) so it makes that aspect a little easier. I still get a good acoustic sound but with the punch of a sampled sound. I was also leery of the sensitivity but that quickly subsided. I do a lot of 8th note crescendos with my bass and it plays along perfectly. Really impressed with its sensitivity (have I already said that?!?!). Then I went on a search for a foot trigger. I was warned about the open and closed effect of a hi-hat pedal but I only use it for handclaps, tambourine, etc. It doesn't trigger with the open/closed function. Just when I push down which is obviously what I wanted. I didn't feel I could use a kick drum pad because of where I wanted to put it. The beater would strike some part of my left floor tom.

              Now I'm really interested in the Dauz trigger pad ( Mainly because I want the smallest round pad possible and I like the simplicity of how it looks. Plain, simple, one job function and I like how it mounts. It appears to be very compact. Unless I've missed one (and if I have please let me know), it is one of the few, if not only one, that comes in the 6" size. The Roland PDX-6 V-Pad has a 6 1/2" mesh head but with the rim the overall diameter is 8". I'd really like to find a trigger pad that's 4" in diameter but haven't had any luck yet. My plan is to place 2 of these pads more towards my right side.

              My main purpose for joining this forum was to find someone who knows the (old) Alesis D4 and understands its MIDI feature. I've played for 37 years but that is one thing I have never utilized. Any help on that subject (or any others) would be greatly appreciated!

              That may have been more than what you were asking about but hey . . . let's talk drums and I'm here all night!
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                Thanks for the info. You truly have a beautiful kit. I will post pics of my new kit once it is finalized

                I still have no idea which dual trigger I will use for this kit. It's the only missing gear for now. I know I can't afford DDT as they are twice as expensive as RT30 or DT50... but between those 2, I guess that I would go for RT30 - for the sake of consistency with my Roland module.

                DD (acoustic pro, chrome elite or their other models) are cheaper and this brand has been around for years. So I'm still considering. Hard to be more undecided


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                  Why is this post in DIY? It should be in the products or Technical section... right? It's all products being discussed here, no DIY.
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                    Originally posted by Myrk- View Post
                    Why is this post in DIY? It should be in the products or Technical section... right? It's all products being discussed here, no DIY.
                    I know! I did not put it here in the first place (from what I recall) and was really surprised when I found out. It's not DIY AT ALL.
                    Anyway, if you do have info, I'm interested. It's the only piece of my kit that is missing and I need to move forward with this.

                    Also, since my first post, I understood that DD and DDT triggers are 2 different brands. Hence, the dual trigger I referred to are from the German brand doing the DDT Truss triggers. They are dual AND are 15€ cheaper than Roland RT30 or Yamaha DT50 so I might consider them instead. You know, "Deutsch Qualität"
                    <p class="p1">• Trigger Double zone (Rims)<br />• Couleur : noir<br />• Convient à tous les modules de son de batterie électronique<br />• Connexion jack<br />• Installation facile<br />• Boîtier robuste<b
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                      All I can say is edge trigger devices imo are not as proficient at positional sensing as centre based triggers. Sure the side triggers are fine, but if you're being really picky then the module is better at interpreting the pulse width variations and intensities from the piezo when centred - it's just a bit of physics

                      The one exception is bass drum triggers! But I would still have it centred along the vertical axis somewhere - if you have double bass pedals you need to have the beaters hit at the exact same distance to the piezo otherwise one hit will be louder. This means you need an RT trigger mounted at the exact vertical top point unless you have 1 beater. I used to use a couple of RT-10K triggers - they did the job perfectly for mesh or normal heads. In fact when I used to gig, as a metal drummer, I would often take my module and the 2 RT-10K's so I could have triggered bass drum sounds on top of the acoustic for a bit of extra punch - back then I used the TD-10 module and could really easily adjust the tone of the bass drums during soundcheck to suit the venues acoustics Alas nowadays I just do hardware stuff - I don't have space for a kit in Hong Kong so I've not been playing for about 7 years! Ouch...
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                        Thanks a lot for the educated answer Myrk.

                        I might consider investing in a DDT Truss (centered) for snare as it is important to maintain as much subtlety as possible
                        then regular (yet dual) rim trigger for the toms.
                        I hear you for double bass drum trigger positioning. It'll be centered but I'll stick to one though.


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                          Another option which you haven't mentioned is the triggera:


                          At the moment this is going to be my choice. You can get them in multi packs for a decent cost, and they seem to get good reviews. They also look easy to install and remove to go back to A. I plan to try side triggering on the snare too, no matter how much I tweak I have never been happy with the hotspot on my current roland snare. This might be much less of an issue on a larger A2E snare but I am more than willing to give side triggering a go.

                          You should post some pics btw, I love those small gretsch kits. Are you going for a rack or sticking with the bass mount?


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                            Another option which I just discovered is DRONE triggering system: this is actually one guy in UK making these triggers as a hobby. He only has FB page here:

                            I just ordered a trigger for my A to E converted snare, and it should arrive in a few days. I do not know how well it works other that what he is posting in his FB videos, and he has one with a TD12:


                            The good thing about these is that his prices are quite okay (you have to ask him on FB for the prices), compared with other brands. The bad thing is that I do not really know how it works, and I do not have any other feedback than what I see in his videos. But I gave it a shot and I will make a review on this post when I will receive the trigger.

                            Hope it helps.
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                            For sale AD2 with 4 ADpacks:


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                              Originally posted by FraserP View Post
                              Another option which you haven't mentioned is the triggera
                              wow! thanks, they look great and cheap
                              Now if they are internal, one got to remove the resonance heads at the bottom of the toms I guess.
                              Aesthetically, I'm not a big fan of that, but I could go DIY through the air vent as mentioned in this V-drums kit vid

                              Made in Europe is a plus too

                              I guess for the price, I could give them a try.

                              One important thing to consider is the length of their attachment system. 12cm is a lot. It's ok for my 8" tom but not for the 12x5 snare.
                              I think I'll go for a DDT Truss trigger on the snare anyway. It's pricy but the snare is the one element that needs to be treated like a princess

                              Thanks for this great input.
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