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Roland RUBIX Series - USB Audio Interface

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  • Roland RUBIX Series - USB Audio Interface

    Saw this in my mailbox recently: Capture.PNG

    Shocked to see competitive prices for these latest Roland USB audio interfaces.

    The often sighted "best value" Focusrite Scarlett audio interface(s) might have a real rival at last, if the round-trip latency figures are low enough.

    The RUBIX 22 and RUBIX 44 are able to run off USB power, like the RME Babyface. Plus, all the interfaces have MIDI in and out (even the RUBIX 22) something the Scarlett 2i2 doesn't have, unless one pays up for the 2i4. But latency is going to be the deciding factor for us VST e-drummers.

    So if anybody is in market for a new audio interface, or just feeling lucky. I think we would all appreciate some test results. Native ASIO drivers please, although you may post ASIO4ALL results too, if you wish.

    I have attached a basic latency checking tool people can download.

    I'll be glancing over any reviews I find elsewhere, but if future owners have RTL figures to hand and have found this thread... by all means, post them here!
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